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A Little Fun Interaction with Mother Nature the Other Day

Windy Rain Sand Face Bicyclist

(Note: Even though this is a bicyclist, I think his face represents my experience well)

So there I was leaving my guitar lesson and stepping into the streets of Philadelphia the other night.  It had just started to lightly sprinkle outside.  Immediately in my mind I heard that familiar saying I enjoy.

Some people feel the rain, Others just get wet.

I smiled to myself and started walking to my truck, happy and enjoying the moment without a care about the weather.  Mother Nature and the elements decided to say hi and give me a little of that “Winds of Change” I speak so much about.  The gentle breeze whipped up into a torrential burst of wind that made it difficult  not to fall over.  All I could do is laugh and say hello back as I tried to shield my face from all the available loose sand on the road and sidewalk that also decided to say hello.

I guess she showed me the proof of the saying.  It was an odd rain, as heavy as all this felt, by the time I got to my truck, 3 blocks away, I really wasn’t very wet.    Even after that long walk all I could do is laugh to myself and thank Mother Nature and her elements for this special hello. 🙂




Your Spark and Ego


Your spark never goes out, if it did you would cease to exist as yourself.

But it easily gets covered in shade.

Ego was there originally to shake it off and make it shine again.

Don’t be misled into believing ego is bad.

Ego is your BEST friend when no one else is there for you.

Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

“In the lieu of all of this, it was decided to bring new activations of the star seeds in a different form. It would work with those souls who had the innate ability to reawaken to their own higher soul selves, and then, with the assistance of the cosmic hierarchy, be able to transmit the higher keys and codes, uncontaminated by anything or anyone on earth, back to the mankind.”

“These souls were then put through intense purification – and everything that could still withhold them, or hinder their higher soul growth started falling away. The souls had to become so pure, that ego vanished, and that the soul would not hinder whatever was transmitted through them, but be able to understand what was given and bring this to mankind in a form or language that they could understand.”

“They do not channel other entities or masters, but they transmit the keys and codes needed for humanity at this time. This is in a form mankind has had no access to, for more than 900 000 000 (Million) years, and thus it transmits in a way where human technology cannot even try to interpret, emit, nor understand as yet.”

Judith Kusel

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound. Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc. They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in…

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