Speak With Your True Voice, Now Is It’s Time

You are all connected to your higherself.  It’s that voice you hold back.  Those thoughts you subdue.

Why do you do this to yourselves?

Society is the cause.

Fear that you will be shunned for being different.  Those who would shun you are just a lonely shell of who they really are.  Be brave and say what you think and feel.  It will give others the courage to be their true selves.  The more frequently you do this the more you will break out of the shell society has molded around you.  Soon the words you hear in your mind and from your mouth may not seem like your own.  But, OH that is the real you.  It’s been begging to be heard for many, many lifetimes.  Some of you were brave in past lives and you were silenced, your life cut short.  That is where your fear stems from in this lifetime.  Those times are past.  This is the time to speak from your true self.  You’ll be amazed how wise that quite voice is that you push to the back of your being.

NOW is the time to remove the chains from that part of you.  Follow that quiet still voice and be amazed at what your life will become.

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  1. Very sage advice. When we realize who we really are we will be liberated. We are divine, and eternal and what we call death is but a putting off of the grave clothes of illusion, or flesh.

  2. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    Thank you Dennis, it is really time for it ❤

  3. Shout it out and feel proud! There is only one of you so nurture that wonderful being! VK

  4. Following the small inner voice is a must.. 🙂 xxx Keep talking with your higher self… For we are all of us being guided to listen.. 🙂

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