The Veil Is Breaking Down

Obscured Image 3

How would you react if when you closed your eyes you could see just as clearly as you can with your eyes open? Except it was showing you some other place. With my eyes closed recently, the blur of images are having various sections where the view is perfectly clear. The areas are changing places so the clear parts move around to different parts of the view. If we would consider “the veil” as something that obscures the other side of our current reality, this looks like sections of the matrix veil are burning out and allowing the perfectly clear view of what they have been hiding.

Some may have already passed this occurrence, others surely will experience it as well.

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  1. Thank goodness, I’m not imagining this or going crazy. When I meditate (or even close my eyes for a brief period) when I’m in direct sunlight, I am seeing all sorts of strange things. Strange objects that come spinning into view, yesterday there was an alien-like person, buildings I’ve never seen before, etc… I’ve not felt threatened by any of this, just curious and excited. I’m glad to see this post today to know that others are experiencing this too! Bless you, and thank you!


  2. You are not on your own in this experience and I am so happy that you chose to share it.. Yes the veils are breaking down… More and more people now are sharing these type of experiences..
    I for one have had these.. often as I look at a wall, its as though I am viewing a screen with images being projected upon it… I know my eyes are closed and yet I am not within this realm… but witnessing another time, place, or projection …

    I have been shown various visions this way too…. Some which I wished I had not seen… as well as being within different worlds of a different dimension altogether..

    Thank you for sharing..

    Blessings Sue xox

  3. silentwindofchange

    Thank you 🙂

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