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Contemplating Daybreak

Stellar is all I can think to say about this. I agree completely and feel it’s really well written.

I contemplate. Isn’t that an enjoyable sentence? Just two words that contain so much. A child’s sense of wonder… it’s not necessarily seeing everything as wonderful, but wondering about reality. We have a natural desire for things to be made clear and comprehensible, and to know the reason. If it doesn’t make sense, we keep at it until we’re satisfied, or until the ‘authority’ starts to show signs of irritation.

As we grow, conditioning narrows the field of perception and inquiry. Education enters the picture, offering both the questions and the answers. We are conditioned to behave and know what we are supposed to know. So there you have it – the box that is our world, containing the problems, the solutions, and the rules. Everything defined, creation and exploration limited to the service of the box.

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Another Assistive Comment About Gifts From The Universe

Dustin Eli Brunson Photography

I hesitate to say this, but, in order to be amazed and gifted by the universe you have to stretch your beliefs.

You need to believe it can be and is real.

Listen to your heart and emotions more related to your everyday choices.

You will not believe these possibilities are real but they truly are real, now.

You need to assist in bringing this reality to the masses.

Thank you for your role here now.

Accept Your New Gifts With Gratitude


Do you know those stories of the demigods?

The ones where special gifts are sent down to assist the heroes?


That is happening NOW! (And it will be the new way)

You only have to recognize and accept them with gratitude.

Each gift will be highly personalized to assist only you on the path which is just starting to open up for you.

Your egoic mind will try to tell you it’s not possible, it’s a trick.

But it’s not a trick.

Smile and accept these gifts in gratitude.

“Could it really be?”


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