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This May Be An Unpopular Post – About the Angels And ETs Who Assist And Speak To You

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Are you going to understand in this life or the next, that the powerful Angel or ET that assists and talks to you is really you?

Or are you going to continue to give away or not believe in your power by your own doing?

If you don’t want to listen to this that’s perfectly fine.  I do wish you to do what is right for yourself.

But if this has you wondering just a little…

Consider it the kick in the butt you’ve been asking for to get yourself on the fast track 🙂




These Angels and ETs were to serve as a sort of training wheel.  By that I mean they allow some to believe their help is possible due to them being in the higher realms. Over time, the Angels/ETs are supposed to teach the person that those things really were performed by the person themselves.  Sometimes this teaching never happens or it is misunderstood or just plain doubted by the person.  This was put in place because in the past it was so difficult for the person to just believe they themselves were that powerful.  Now more are able to believe they themselves are the powerful one.  Similarly the bible was meant as a training guide but we see how that turned out.

Intuition Is Your Senses When You Are Not In Body

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Intuition Is Your Senses When You Are Not In Body.

So if someone thinks they have no intuition, that would be impossible unless they were an organic robot devoid of a soul.

Those do exist.

People tend to brush off their intuitive “senses” (for lack of a better word).  Society tells them it’s ridiculous to believe they would have such abilities.

But, you use these abilities each time you sleep.  Your spirit detaches from your physical body (you are still connected actually) and goes about it’s business while your physical body receives it’s needed rest.

Try to listen to those thoughts and feelings.

They are there to assist you.

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