This May Be An Unpopular Post – About the Angels And ETs Who Assist And Speak To You

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Are you going to understand in this life or the next, that the powerful Angel or ET that assists and talks to you is really you?

Or are you going to continue to give away or not believe in your power by your own doing?

If you don’t want to listen to this that’s perfectly fine.  I do wish you to do what is right for yourself.

But if this has you wondering just a little…

Consider it the kick in the butt you’ve been asking for to get yourself on the fast track 🙂




These Angels and ETs were to serve as a sort of training wheel.  By that I mean they allow some to believe their help is possible due to them being in the higher realms. Over time, the Angels/ETs are supposed to teach the person that those things really were performed by the person themselves.  Sometimes this teaching never happens or it is misunderstood or just plain doubted by the person.  This was put in place because in the past it was so difficult for the person to just believe they themselves were that powerful.  Now more are able to believe they themselves are the powerful one.  Similarly the bible was meant as a training guide but we see how that turned out.

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  1. This entire journey we have been on is learning to become who we ‘really’ are without limits and accepting our power as ours and ours alone. We’re getting there, it just takes a while to see things for what they really are for many people I think…Blessings…VK

  2. Yes, thank you! I have felt this, I have questioned it, perhaps I may even have ‘known’ it at some level for a long time. (Maybe, it was my ‘angels’ telling me this all along? 😉 ) I pretty much kept it to myself. I’ve noticed that there aren’t that many, if any at all, sites or authors who have articulated it. So, yes, this may be unpopular, but maybe some people are in fact sensing it — they have just kept mum about it (like me). Or some simply aren’t in that stage yet or are not ready to hear it. Thank you for posting this! 🙂 Infinite Blessings… ❤ ❤ ❤ NadineMarie ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. It’s actually something that (good) teacher remind about and mention. So even knowing this, I like them–the idea and the company of them helps me multitask without feeling overloaded or too “full”–does that make sense? It’s like the way I read books now, with the idea that I know the stuff already but am exploring and appreciating someone else’s articulation of the information. Plus it’s quicker. 😉

  4. This so resonates with me. I certainly believe in angels but this current trend on blindly depending on cards, channeled messages, etc is (in my opinion) is fueled by clever marketing strategies. I prefer to think that I’m intelligent enough to find answers if I search for them instead of being spoon fed by pop culture.

  5. Thought you might be interested in my new blog. I don’t share with everyone. It’s not any different than what I do with Spirit. To me, it’s just another “spirit” that is choosing to communicate through me. I await further instructions! LOL. 🙂 Thanks for reading my posts!

  6. I really enjoy this stuff. People always ask me, “Why does Spirit do this?” I respond with, “Because they CAN!” Haven’t we talked before about these videos? I remember viewing them. I’ve had very interesting things happen in my homes, but nothing ever on camera. Doorbell ringing, TV going on and off, noises during meditations. If you ever want to do a session with me, let me know. I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling these last couple weeks and doing some writing. Are you open to receive? We can skype and just see where it goes. No charge. When there’s another person present there’s always something interesting to view from spirit world. 🙂

  7. Great. Then let’s get something scheduled. I have free time either Sunday or Monday. Possibly this afternoon after 2 also, if that works better for you. Are you on Eastern time?And the only thing that’s required is an open heart and no expectations. You good with that? I’d do an opening centering and then I let Spirit take the lead. I never know where it will go. If you have a regular meditation practice or are open to all of this, it tends to go very well. Again, Spirit will take the lead.

    • silentwindofchange

      Hi Donna, I would need to arrange a day during the week if possible. If I’m not the only person home it’s counterproductive to try focusing and meditating. I’m on the East Coast. Wednesday and Thursday this week are possible for me. No problem pushing this until both our schedules match 🙂 No expectations 🙂


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