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Talk To The Bees, They Will Listen

Two separate times when bees had made their homes in places that were a danger to my family, I have had a heartfelt discussion with them to please select another location for their safety and ours. Both times they listened and moved their nests. Once was on a ladder I had outside in my yard. The second, just recently, was actually in our bedroom wall. I spoke with them telepathically and not with my physical voice. It also worked with two other insects in our home. So I am presenting this as something for you to try.

Don’t stop at the insect kingdom with this

Our Spiritual Journey Is Symbolized In The Lighthouse

Did you ever consider that the lighthouse is a symbol for our spiritual journey. This first picture will give a clue, but the real answer is the picture below.

The inside steps show how we travel the Fibonacci spiral of steps up to the light. The net is there to catch you. It’s really just there to give you more confidence in your journey.

“Seed Of Life” Pattern In My Coffee When I Stir It

Recently I noticed that when I stir my coffee I can see the pattern of the Seed of Life.  Hopefully the video is clear enough for you.



You ARE The Source Of ALL Healing Power For Your Body

HUman Star

I reminded another friend of this today and was nudged to share it to the group.

If you seem to have tried all your normal ways of healing or requesting healing and nothing seems to be working as it used to, I offer the following suggestions:

Now is the time to realize YOU are the Sun/Star which provides the ability to heal your earthly form.  The old ways are leaving.  Realize the power is yours.

Have you asked your body for assistance? Have you talked to it and explained your love for it?

Have you remembered YOU are the source of the power that all those you pray for help to use?

Do you LOVE yourself exactly as you are?

Do you refrain from ever saying negative things to yourself or about your body?

That is what I have to offer as possibilities.

Take care bright lights

Our Vision Is Changing

Red Maple

Ok, I found we are at a point where colors can look different to different people.  Some of us have had changes to our eyes over a period of years (actually all of us but at varying stages).  The younger generation already came in with their eyes this way.

Start trying to find these examples yourself.

I have a red maple in our back yard that recently seemed to have lost it’s red color and is now green.  I mentioned it to my wife and she sees it as red still.  As a mediary I asked my daughter to tell us what color it is and she said green.  Even a picture of it looks different.  The picture looked like it was black with a green tint at the edges of the leaves.

So have fun with it and report back here what you find 🙂

Note: the picture is just of a similar maple, it was not picked related to it’s color.

Note 2: I’m also feeling this only is occurring with things that are alive.  Lets say things of nature.  (Yes I know all things have consciousness and are alive)

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