Our Vision Is Changing

Red Maple

Ok, I found we are at a point where colors can look different to different people.  Some of us have had changes to our eyes over a period of years (actually all of us but at varying stages).  The younger generation already came in with their eyes this way.

Start trying to find these examples yourself.

I have a red maple in our back yard that recently seemed to have lost it’s red color and is now green.  I mentioned it to my wife and she sees it as red still.  As a mediary I asked my daughter to tell us what color it is and she said green.  Even a picture of it looks different.  The picture looked like it was black with a green tint at the edges of the leaves.

So have fun with it and report back here what you find 🙂

Note: the picture is just of a similar maple, it was not picked related to it’s color.

Note 2: I’m also feeling this only is occurring with things that are alive.  Lets say things of nature.  (Yes I know all things have consciousness and are alive)

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  1. The tree above looks pinky red to me…But I will say it has a bit of a dayglo look as well….VK

    • silentwindofchange

      Agreed, this one I think was modified by the photographer and all of this depends on how your computer monitor is setup related to the colors. Thanks for stopping by VK 🙂

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