You ARE The Source Of ALL Healing Power For Your Body

HUman Star

I reminded another friend of this today and was nudged to share it to the group.

If you seem to have tried all your normal ways of healing or requesting healing and nothing seems to be working as it used to, I offer the following suggestions:

Now is the time to realize YOU are the Sun/Star which provides the ability to heal your earthly form.Β  The old ways are leaving.Β  Realize the power is yours.

Have you asked your body for assistance? Have you talked to it and explained your love for it?

Have you remembered YOU are the source of the power that all those you pray for help to use?

Do you LOVE yourself exactly as you are?

Do you refrain from ever saying negative things to yourself or about your body?

That is what I have to offer as possibilities.

Take care bright lights

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