Talk To The Bees, They Will Listen

Two separate times when bees had made their homes in places that were a danger to my family, I have had a heartfelt discussion with them to please select another location for their safety and ours. Both times they listened and moved their nests. Once was on a ladder I had outside in my yard. The second, just recently, was actually in our bedroom wall. I spoke with them telepathically and not with my physical voice. It also worked with two other insects in our home. So I am presenting this as something for you to try.

Don’t stop at the insect kingdom with this

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  1. Maybe if we can communicate telepathically with insects and other creatures, we will finally see what we are capable of with each other! VK 🙂

    • silentwindofchange

      Indeed 🙂

      This is a first step for people to try. Once they see this can work, they will naturally try it with people. Don’t forget, since people have “free will” only requests will work for them, and not always. But it’s worth trying 🙂

  2. I had an experience like yours with 2 garter snakes. There’s a concrete deck just outside my kitchen door that gets great sun in the afternoon. One day i started to go out the door when what i thought was a stick slithered to the end of the deck, maybe 12 feet away. Then i saw another snake and thought hmm. So i walked over to them and said, “I don’t mind if you sun yourselves on my deck but please stay away from the door.” Don’t you know they respected my wish and we spent the summer in harmony. People need to learn to respect all creatures and get over themselves.

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