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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

fire in the sky

I had a very interesting experience on the spirit realm, this weekend that made zero sense to me until today.  I remembered this morning about the Fire Trine on 10/6 followed by the 2nd Blood Moon on the 8th.  Then the information just poured into me.  I am so excited to share this!

Fire is a very important element of transformation, and this includes the spiritual realms.  Which is where it all begins before it’s mirrored back to 3D Earth.  I am not going to dive deep into Astrology, I will only touch on the topic.  I will let the reader do that work themselves.   I am going to relate my direct experiences to what I feel is actually going on in our lives here on the planet.  On October 6th we will feel the full blast of the Grande Fire Trine, which will add fuel to the flames…

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Get As Much Sleep As You Can – Naps As Well

Get As Much Sleep As You Can.

Sleep readily allows the energies to enter your body in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable of methods.

These higher energies of transformation are all around you now.

Your search for them is no longer needed, you have to simply allow.

At the moment sleep is the easiest most efficient way to do this.

To All Channels… Please Keep It Brief

Dennis' Soul Portrait

In an effort to give out the most important info,

Channels, please be more brief and to the point.

These people are being bombarded with truths now.

If you value your info please distribute it in quickly digestible packets.

Dennis’ Soul Portrait – Artist – Wendy Smith, Sedona Arizona

Truth is Coming at a Phenomenal Rate

We are at a point in time where there will be so many truths presented to you that you will have no time to read them all.

Read that which your soul directs you.  Discard the rest.

If it is important you will be guided back to it.

Release your worry of missing something important.

Go out and enjoy the fresh air and replenishing energies of nature.

Be a trailblazer, you didn’t come here to follow

Don’t believe everything you read, no matter the source. Check the info against what your heart feels about it.

Don’t follow anyone.  Even those you consider spiritually advanced can hold you back if you “follow” them.  “Geez why does FB always want me to “follow” people?”

If we all stay true to ourselves and be the leaders that we are we will undoubtedly advance faster.

You are all masters remembering.

Be a trailblazer and welcome anyone else who wants to travel where you have been.

The Day Your Higher Self Stopped Talking To You

Higher Self

Higher Self

The Akh or Khu, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Holy Guardian Angel – All the same thing.

An odd thing will happen after you connect with your higher self (Hint, it’s been talking to you since the first time you embodied.  It is always with you.).  The discussion will become less and less.  One day you may think it has left since you rarely hear from it.  From that day forward you have combined with it and embodied Chris Consciousness.

For more info on the Higher Self just search through my previous posts, there are many on this topic.  Especially important is knowing the difference between the Ego and the Higher Self.

Break the Wheel

When you truly identify yourself as the spirit of your earthly vehicle, you are no longer affected by karma or revolve in the karmic rotation of reincarnation.

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