The Day Your Higher Self Stopped Talking To You

Higher Self

Higher Self

The Akh or Khu, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Holy Guardian Angel – All the same thing.

An odd thing will happen after you connect with your higher self (Hint, it’s been talking to you since the first time you embodied.  It is always with you.).  The discussion will become less and less.  One day you may think it has left since you rarely hear from it.  From that day forward you have combined with it and embodied Chris Consciousness.

For more info on the Higher Self just search through my previous posts, there are many on this topic.  Especially important is knowing the difference between the Ego and the Higher Self.

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  1. Hello Dennis,

    This post is helpful in many ways as I seem to have lost touch with someone I call “the old man.” I could see him walking and climbing over the years but his messages are now very scarce, or non-existent.

    Interestingly, a friend of mine in Scotland called this “old man” a psychopomp, a term I had never heard of.

    Many blessings,


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