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fire in the sky

I had a very interesting experience on the spirit realm, this weekend that made zero sense to me until today.  I remembered this morning about the Fire Trine on 10/6 followed by the 2nd Blood Moon on the 8th.  Then the information just poured into me.  I am so excited to share this!

Fire is a very important element of transformation, and this includes the spiritual realms.  Which is where it all begins before it’s mirrored back to 3D Earth.  I am not going to dive deep into Astrology, I will only touch on the topic.  I will let the reader do that work themselves.   I am going to relate my direct experiences to what I feel is actually going on in our lives here on the planet.  On October 6th we will feel the full blast of the Grande Fire Trine, which will add fuel to the flames…

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog…what an honor! I hope people will find the information useful in their lives. Lisa Rising Berry

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