Your Higher Self

Higher Self Connection
It’s that quiet voice you only hear in the silence and when it is being listened for.  Mostly the ego talks so loud you can’t hear your Higher Self.  This is why moments of solitude are so valuable.  It will most likely just sound like your own voice, but it’s wisdom is a level higher than you are used to experiencing from you 3D self.  The voice of your Higher Self is ALWAYS supportive.

If you hear a voice that is negative, puts you down or crushes your dreams, that’s your ego.  ego attempts to keep you small.  It knows that if you follow the guidance of your Higher Self you will transcend the ego’s affects on you.  Don’t misunderstand, the ego is not your enemy and certainly don’t think you have to “kill it” as some “wisemen” say.  It was useful to keep you safe in a much harsher world.  It’s time of usefulness in it’s present form has past.  But understand that the ego can be retrained to support you fully.  It can be your greatest cheerleader.

Note: Depending on your beliefs the Higher Self could present itself to you in many forms and personas or no form at all.

The HigherSelf will not say it’s coming in a ship to save you.  It will assist you to save yourself.

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