A Helpful Technique For Manifestation

I’ve got to tell this thought about manifestation.

I’ve had some great success with manifestation in the last year.  I also believe I found the perfect tool to assist this process in this wonderful age of technology.

The process is as follows, when you have a want/need (the universe will decide if you need it) capture it and research it and include all the info in an electronic notebook in this program.  During the process, think about how you would feel if you had the situation or item you are trying to manifest.  Feel the gratitude of having it like you do have it.  Then let it go and let the process occur.

The tool I use is Evernote.  In the program I create a notebook for the item/situation I’m trying to manifest.  During the process you are mimicking the feelings you would have if this actually occurred.  In my experience of this process it seems to take just a few weeks in most cases unless it’s a large item.

Pay attention to all the ways the universe begins offering the item or situation to you.  It may not always be obvious so you have to pay attention and assist with the process.

In limited use Evernote is free to use.  Maybe it should be called Aethernote 🙂

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  1. Thanks Dennis, it’s a useful process, letting the Universe guide our steps. By the way, we are willing to buy a house this year…

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