A Quick Note About Self Love

This post is a quick note about self love.  I was recently returning from a family trip and waiting in the airport for the last plane we had to take to return home.  I had purchased a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and was letting it cool down before I drank it.  I put it on the floor and pointed it out to my wife to avoid the possibility of it being accidentally spilled.  Five minutes later I look down and saw the cup tipped over and completely empty (amazing how much liquid those rugs can absorb).  I couldn’t prevent an accident, somehow the cup was knocked over.  But I could control my reaction to it.  I looked at the cup, picked it up and walked away.  I walked to Starbucks and bought another one.  If this happened to one of my kids I would get them another one.  Why would I not do this for myself?

Why would you treat yourself different than any other person you love?

Remember, step one of your journey is self love.  Actually you can place that stepping stone wherever you wish but you will cross it before your journey is complete.  It’s much easier to place that step at the beginning.

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  1. I agree that self-love is the first step, and certainly a prerequisite to Love. Thanks for confirming that.

    You are amazingly in synch with the topics of my radio shows. And no more Grace this week!


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