If you are having energetic pain…

If you are having energetic pain, send it out as love to all around you. I’m being told we are meant to send it out more and more as the frequencies rise. The pain is because your vessel hasn’t equalized to the higher energies yet so it comes through as pain. Your way through this part of the journey will ease itself if you radiate out love to all.

Regarding headaches, be grateful and thank your headaches, they are a warning sign. Usually first thing to do for a headache is drink water then thank it and think of some things to laugh and smile about. You will be surprised how well this will work. Sometimes it’s not just a lack of water so try to decipher the root cause of the headache. Drink lots of water to make your body a better conductor for the energies. Pain in people like us is generally stuck energies. The water will help and also yoga.

As always check with a doctor to be sure of course.

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  1. Glad you included that last sentence. I was having tons of headaches and wrote them off to being shifting energies for quite awhile, until that is I found out I had Lyme Disease… Blessings….VK 🙂

    • silentwindofchange

      I am somewhat hesitant to always believe what doctors or science tells us. They prove every day that many times they have no clue. I’m sure all the people who have ringing in their ears do not have tinnitus. Tell that to the monks who have worked their whole lives to attain that ringing in their ears. I doubt they got it from listening to loud music in their youth. I’m not saying you don’t have Lyme disease but I often see this as a catch all ailment doctors use when they have no clue what a patient’s true illness is.

      • When you have Lyme you’ll know it believe me. Quite painful and unpredictable…I don’t do doctors at all unless I absolutely have to. I am alternative medicine all the way and have been for as long as it came on line, but….And here’s the but…When you can’t turn your head, your spine is on fire and your knees won’t carry you up the stairs, then you test….I won’t do antibiotics to kill it though, so it is a bit harder to deal with. I use a zapper( frequency zapper) to kill it off. A slow process but I save my gut and my immune system 🙂 VK

      • silentwindofchange

        Take care and do what you feel works for your body. Only you know what’s best for you. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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