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Step Two, After Love Yourself Unconditionally

Ying and Yang

Step Two, After Love Yourself Unconditionally…

Embrace your opposite masculine or feminine side.  That balance is critical and only secondary to unconditional self love.

Also be aware since all is a balance, with great light there will also be a great shadow side to us.  You only need to be aware and respect that it is there.  Pretending it is not there has been the mistake of many amazing beings.

11:22 – We Have Transitioned To Building The New


I FEEL we have transitioned.  We (I) used to see 11:11 soooo much.  Now I’m seeing 11:22 sooo much.  From the following I’m getting that the anchors have been set and now we are clear to make it what we wish.  Manifestation between thought and it’s occurrence into the physical will be greatly accelerated.

11 = Birthing and anchoring the New.
22 = Building upon the New. Building New Lives and a New World.

How To Manifest


How to manifest.

– Think of what you wish to attain.
– Create or find a picture of it.  Many is better, it shows how important it is to you.
– Daydream about how wonderful it will feel when you attain it.
– Let it go.

If you have performed these steps adequately and the wish is within your path, the universe will conspire to create it in your reality in the very near future.

This has worked countless times for me and it gets easier and more amazing each time.

Feel and Remember

Feel the love seeping up from the Earth and bathing your body with it’s gratitude and remember when this was the natural way we existed.

Do you have an illness and are still searching for your soul purpose?

Eyes Captivating

I know this may have an initial knee-jerk reaction but I feel it’s asking to be said.

If you seem to have a chronic illness and can’t seem to shake it even though you are very spiritual and do so many loving things for everyone, please consider this as a possibility.

You are experiencing it to help those others who are experiencing it that aren’t as knowledgeable or strong as you are.  You are quite possibly the light shining with that ailment to assist others with it to cope and find a way to the cure.

Please keep sharing your knowledge on social media.  You are walking your path quite bravely already.  Thank you for doing your part in this transition.

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