Do you have an illness and are still searching for your soul purpose?

Eyes Captivating

I know this may have an initial knee-jerk reaction but I feel it’s asking to be said.

If you seem to have a chronic illness and can’t seem to shake it even though you are very spiritual and do so many loving things for everyone, please consider this as a possibility.

You are experiencing it to help those others who are experiencing it that aren’t as knowledgeable or strong as you are.  You are quite possibly the light shining with that ailment to assist others with it to cope and find a way to the cure.

Please keep sharing your knowledge on social media.  You are walking your path quite bravely already.  Thank you for doing your part in this transition.

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  1. I can totally relate to this .swochange.. And having suffered with a chronic illness myself at the time wondered what was I doing wrong?… But having self healed from Fibromyalgia using Qi Gong, affirmations and just re-connecting back my balance and energy, I have been able to help others going through similar experiences..

    Wise words ❤

  2. This makes so much sense because when people come for therapy I can feel their pain and want so much to take it away from them because I already feel it with my chronic issues. Since I already feel it, a bit more isn’t going to make a difference and it will make them feel better. When I tell my clients what I have to deal with everyday for the last 30 years, they say ” My problem is so small now after hearing yours”. I do so much agree with this, how can we be compassionate and understanding if we don’t experience it? I often asked myself why I can’t get rid of it, despite the work I do on myself and you have made it so clear now, the answer was so simple. Thank you!

  3. Illness is always our way of shining a light on the issues that created the illness in the first place. A message for us to deal with them. And yes, you are right about helping others along with ourselves. As with everything there is a purpose for what we encounter that further helps us to grow and expand and others as well….Thanks for sharing Windy…. VK 🙂

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