11:22 – We Have Transitioned To Building The New


I FEEL we have transitioned.  We (I) used to see 11:11 soooo much.  Now I’m seeing 11:22 sooo much.  From the following I’m getting that the anchors have been set and now we are clear to make it what we wish.  Manifestation between thought and it’s occurrence into the physical will be greatly accelerated.

11 = Birthing and anchoring the New.
22 = Building upon the New. Building New Lives and a New World.

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  1. I can relate well to this one.. The numbers for me have gone through their various sequences.. Now I am seeing 4:44 more often.. 🙂 And don’t you just love it when you wake up exactly at the same time or look up and see the numbers over and over.. 🙂 always fascinating..
    Many thanks for sharing.. x Sue

  2. New number groups have been popping up all the time now, ones I didn’t see before…On our way! VK

  3. I too have noticed these same numbers 11:22 popping up … Lately.

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