Experiences outside your normal awareness

Anything experienced outside of your normal awareness will take some time to be absorbed and understood in your waking consciousness.

Dreams are a good example of this. Let the experience sit with you and over time you will get a better understanding of their meanings. If you try to evaluate them on waking, your ego will be happy to assist. But if you wait and allow the experience to seep into you, your knowing will explain it when the time is right.

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  1. Thanks, dear Dennis. I’ve had some very strange, yet intriguing dreams lately….two of them tied up with soccer! love & Light

  2. Boy do I know about this one. I am experiencing more and more intense out of body experiences after falling asleep. For years I thought they were dreams until one night while I was in another reality I heard a voice “go and pee and come back”. I woke up, had to go pee really bad, and peeing LOL I was thinking “hurry up so you can get back to that dream”. I did go back to that dream and continue, so it took a few years to finally put all the pieces together because I tried so hard to decipher in the morning and they didn’t make sense. When I let them go, that’s when I started getting flashbacks of the various experiences that I have now concluded are aspects of my soul, or fragments of my soul in different bodies and realities having parallel experiences.
    Thanks for this great post and allowing me to share this.

    • silentwindofchange

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Ines 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing your experience, dear Ines. I also realized there is “something else” at work at night; something I would call “impressions.”

        For a number of days now, I wake up with lots of aches in the body. I remember one morning feeling like a zombie for a few hours. This morning wasn’t very different.

        This morning again, what woke me up are cramps in the bottom part of my feet. Interesting symptoms.

        Love & Light


  3. excellent. you are magnificent.

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