The Caretakers

turtle boxturtle

You are a Caretaker if the following is a familiar scenario for you.

In the past you’ve followed your guidance and went a path or place where you

normally wouldn’t go. When you go there you find you have something special to

perform. In this case you followed the urge to walk a different path. When you

followed this new path you found a turtle. It’s stuck in a fence and you’ve been

directed that way because you’re one of the caretakers and meant to help the turtle.

If you hadn’t been along this way it would surely have died. But it won’t because

you followed your guideance and helped it.

You are all here to serve this role.

You are the divine incarnated and here to assist all beings, animals and things when

you can.

(and maybe it only happened to give you the experience)

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  1. Gotta follow the signs in life, listen to your inner voice. If not we lose our reason for being….Thank goodness someone found the turtle! VK

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