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Your Vision Is Shifting Into the Ultraviolet (UV) Range

Visible Light Spectrum

I’m going to throw another odd one out to you. Take your time responding.

I noticed recently that my distance vision is more clear and crisp without sunglasses. I’m not talking about when the sun is blazing in your eyes. I just mean in general when it is bright and sunny outside. My theory is that we are beginning to use and view Ultraviolet light in our normal vision. Sunglasses are coated to block UV light. So I’m suggesting that we have a new normal range of light that we view the world in and it’s one that has recently shifted up compared to the old “normal”. So take your time and experiment and see if this is true for you as well.

Every 100 Years…

Every 100 years a champion is allowed to save the world.  Previously it was Nikola Tesla.  Now it is Elon Musk.  It’s no coincidence that his car company is called Tesla (and then the voice stopped)

A Very Helpful Grounding Method That “Came” to Me

Walk Quietly

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and say the following either internally or out loud.

“In this moment and every other now moment I send all energies that are not mine into the Earth to be grounded and rendered harmless.”

After saying this I sat quietly and felt my energy smooth out like all the static had been removed. Try it, this is the first time I have noticed a difference as I tried a grounding technique.

It has worked well for myself and others.

Every Religion or Spiritual Path Has a Hook or Trap

Every religion or spiritual path has a hook or trap that prohibits you from attaining Enlightenment.

A true master can see through this error by their inner knowing and that is what makes a master instead of an aspirant to the path.

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