Your Vision Is Shifting Into the Ultraviolet (UV) Range

Visible Light Spectrum

I’m going to throw another odd one out to you. Take your time responding.

I noticed recently that my distance vision is more clear and crisp without sunglasses. I’m not talking about when the sun is blazing in your eyes. I just mean in general when it is bright and sunny outside. My theory is that we are beginning to use and view Ultraviolet light in our normal vision. Sunglasses are coated to block UV light. So I’m suggesting that we have a new normal range of light that we view the world in and it’s one that has recently shifted up compared to the old “normal”. So take your time and experiment and see if this is true for you as well.

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  1. Interesting… 🙂 thank you

  2. The times they are a changing….Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Funny…Recently I find myself taking my glasses off a lot as I am doing stuff on the computer as they seem to hinder my site and when I take them off everything is clear…Very strange!

  4. Yes… I too have noticed the change in eye sight, with and without regular / and / or sunglasses. I also am blurry eyed at present times (to coin a corny phrase). I feel it is something good that will gradually happen to all of us, so I have no fear to what is happening to me in the now. My wonderment is, will there be more of these lenses changes ? Just wondering, thank you for your time….. Namaste.

  5. very interesting. i definitely have experienced a profound shift the past month on many levels. at the same time my vision has changed yet the opposite as described as i am not physically seeing well at all. drastic sudden change in my vision that has me concerned and at the same time have wondered if frequency has not been completed in this shift and is affecting my vision. hmmmmmm

  6. So I have noticed that in the last few months, I don’t need sunglasses… I recently moved to Hawaii from California and I thought that could be it, but then I realized I bought sunglasses when I moved here in September, broke em, bought another pair, and broke those too. Haha. So since it was winter, and cloudy mostly (but still warm:)) I didn’t buy another pair. Now that it is summer and sunny sometimes, I don’t need them. I used to be like the vampires in the Ray Ban commercials haha!!!

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