Like a Prisoner Waiting to be Set Free

Feels like time to repost this.

Silent Winds of Change


Picture being tortured in a P.O.W. camp as your military is on the way to assure your release.  Your captors know this.  They have already agreed to let you go.  BUT, they will make you suffer thinking you will never see freedom again or the light of day.  THIS is what’s happening now in our reality.  Stay strong, your cell door is about to be opened and you forever more will have the freedom you only dreamed of and even that memory can not compare to how wonderful it will be.  Hold the light high for just a little longer, I see the end of the tunnel and the light is not a train 🙂

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  1. Thanks, dear Dennis.

    This is extremely, extremely meaningful to me based on what’s going on in my life right now. lots of tension at home and a barrage of criticism. I know this is spiritual.

    Any reason why you are reposting it today?

    And did you post it first Dec. 15, 2014? Or earlier?

    Love & much Light,


    • silentwindofchange

      12/15/2012 was the original post and I feel it had some merit. Again at this time I’m feeling it is becoming appropriate. It’s just a feeling in the winds as they pass by.

      • Thanks for sharing your feeling, dear Dennis. It resonates very well.

        December 2012, 6 days before the winter solstice…another meaningful date!

        Love & Light

  2. Hey SW….Gotta say, this waiting is getting to be a bit too much! Hope we haven’t been hoodwinked again into believing in something that will never materialize….Things are grueling right now. I haven’t even been blogging. Hope to feel some lightness soon. The heaviness is suffocating…Be well friend….VK

    • Hang on, dear Vision Keeper,

      I can tell it’s for real. What happened in the house yesterday is simply unbelievable. So much darkness and negative energy being released.

      Something big, or huge if you will, is upon us.

      That being said, it is upon each of us to manage the transition each of us finds herself himself in.

      For us, it will involve some movement, I.e., moving. We need it sorely.

      Love & much Light my dear

      New desert

      • Thanks ND….Yes the darkness is immense right now but that wee speck of light still shines at the far end of the tunnel. It is only we ourselves who can pull us through these hard times, it is our challenge to see where we will land when all is said and done. Movement is definitely key to everything as flowing saves us while becoming stuck buries us. Take care and keep floating down stream 🙂 Thanks…VK ❤

      • Thanks very much, dear Vision Keeper,

        Very well said.

        Please feel free to shine your inner Light within the tunnel as well, although no one else, other than you, may be able to feel or see it.

        There is a time, close to us, when our Lights will all shine in the open.

        Love & much Light, my dear

        New desert

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