Why do some people have mystical experiences and great consciousness expansion and others don’t?

Mystical Eye

Why do some people have mystical experiences and great consciousness expansion and others don’t?

Are they better than other people?  No

Are they special?  Perhaps, but everyone could be special in the same way as them.

There is a reason we are told to be in the moment and to be present.

When you are in this mode, you notice things, you notice everything that is occurring and changing around you.  When you are noticing everything the Universe gets an alert that says “Hey this person is watching, they are appreciating, they are grateful, they are noticing what we do and what we have created for them”.  Maybe not those exact words but pretty close.  At that moment you are no longer just a cog in the human machine that runs day in and day out not noticing the great world they were gifted so long ago.

So the Universe begins to interact with you to see your expression, your feelings, your reaction to it’s great work it performs endlessly without ever requesting a thank you.  A thank you would make the Universe ecstatic and it too would be grateful that you took time out of your gifted day to acknowledge it’s great works.

Even the slightest moment of this interaction takes days to filter through you consciousness, but day by day little by little, it changes you.  Your consciousness expands, your frequency rises, frequency gates are opened to you and the great cosmic wisdom begins to trickle into your energy bodies.  This will forever change you and although you are not any more special than others, you are different because you noticed.  You came here to be different, to be a catalyst for change.  By just doing these simple things I noted above you are fulfilling your promise to the Universe for granting you a ticket to this great ride of life.

Look around, notice things, be grateful, talk to a tree or an ant.  These tiny things labeled as foolish by some is the hidden key to a miraculous life.  I wish you a wonderful and mystical day.  Thank you for reading this.  Your mere presence will change those around you.  Maybe you could even share this story with others and we would really “notice” amazing changes in the world.

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  1. Thanks, dear Dennis, for this unusually long post of yours. And for going an extra mile to enlighten us!

    I wish you a simple, beautiful day.

    Love & much Light.


    • silentwindofchange

      Lol, I thought of you as I wrote this and realized the length of it. When the message is complete, I end it. These messages only attempt to plant the seeds. It is up to the readers consciousness to interpret and expand upon the message. Have a wonderful day Gilles and thank you for your comments and warm wishes 🙂

  2. You are very welcome, dear Dennis.

    In fact, I don’t mind longer posts, within reason!

    Love& much Light,


  3. There is great wisdom in old sayings. We need to be more aware of them! Like the important one ” It’s NOW or never”….So true. If you’re not in the now you will never get it….VK 🙂

  4. It is interesting, as I have often thought about this particular topic and have always come to the same conclusion. It must be available to everyone. Maybe it does all boil down to the heart of the matter, being open and heeding the call? And, boy does the Universe respond. Due to my experiences, I have to admit, I have asked, “why?” on more than one occasion and in your description, that we are not special, just different because we noticed truly resonated with me.

    As the song goes, waking up is hard to do and if can be extremely difficult if you are unable to connect with like-minded people whether they have or have not experienced the same things. Another difficult thing for me over the last few years, has been integrating these experiences and things that have come online and continuing the day to day. There was a moment in time where I had to realize that to share certain things with some, might end up in me being committed. : )

    It has been and continues to be a challenging, yet beautiful ride. : ) I must admit, my automatic reaction to my initial experiences was to throw my hands in the air and give a resounding thank you! And, I continue to do so to this day.

    And, thank you for your insights. ❤

    • silentwindofchange

      We do have a nice community on fb if you go there. Thank you for your comments and glad to hit a resonant tone within you 🙂

  5. Thank you for Enlightening us.

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