Let The Angel In You Heal And Give Peace To Others


There is a reason that everybody likes angels so much.  We like them because we are them when we are not incarnated.

You still have some of those powers here when you are incarnated but it is not well known.  One thing you can do to help heal people and give them peace is the following:

Use your imagination.  Your imagination is much more powerful than the world tells you it is.  It is another part of your multidimensional self.  It is actually a part of you in another realm.  That realm overlaps with this one and although many can’t see it, it can interact with this one.

Picture yourself next to the person, your actual physical distance between you and the person is irrelevant.  In this exercise there is no distance between anything.  Imagine that you are a 9 foot tall beautiful angel wrapping your wings around them in a loving embrace.  As you are doing this you are thinking about sending them love, healing and peace.  Feel it erupting from your heart area of your chest.  Many times you will feel a rush of love actually flooding your physical being at that moment.  For some that will assure them that the process has occurred.  Not everyone will immediately feel this but with practice and repetition and desire it will occur for all.

Experiment with your imagination, it is a much more powerful tool than anyone realizes.

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