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Do You Have Trouble Sleeping At Night? One Possible Fix For You.

Ocean Breeze

Do you constantly have trouble acquiring a restful night’s sleep?

Is there a fan in your room?

If your answer is no, that could be your reason.

If you walk outside is there no wind?  No.

The wind is an integral part of your bodies symbiotic relationship to the Earth.  You need it to relax, your body is used to it being there.

It is unnatural for your body to not experience a breeze.  It helps us breathe better.

If this is your situation and you’ve tried everything else to get a wonderful night’s sleep, try adding a fan to your sleeping area.

This came to me the other day and I felt it was meant to be shared.  I hope it helps some of you.  Enjoy your holidays and be safe.

Would You Like To Compress Or Expand Time?

Time Warp

Would you like to compress or expand time?

First you need to disconnect from it. Due to safeguards, you have to remove yourself from time, otherwise you would notice it, like a glitch.  In order to disconnect yourself from time, do something that consumes your attention like reading a book or listening to music, or my favorite, daydreaming.  It takes your awareness and busys it.  From that point you are able to compress and expand time.  You do this unknowingly quite frequently.  When you are having fun it goes fast.  When you are unhappy or bored it drags on.  Experiment with it.  But be aware, the harder you try, the more difficult it will be.

So, You’re An Empath? We All Are.

empath sensitive

My goal for this next year is to normalize what we think of Empaths. From what I can see, 95% of the population is to varying degrees, an Empath. They have no choice, they are energy beings passing each other in energetic rendezvous throughout their day. Of course we are affected by the emotional state of others. But it is completely our choice how we let that affect us. You can be the powerful one that is never affected negatively by others, or the weak one who is affected by everyone. Your imagination is so so so much more powerful than anyone gives it credit. It is your choice, by what you imagine, how you will or will not be affected by others. This is how I feel about this. You are of course welcome to believe or feel about it as you wish, but I promise, life is so much more pleasant if you imagine and expect to be the more powerful energetic compassionate member of your environment.

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