So, You’re An Empath? We All Are.

empath sensitive

My goal for this next year is to normalize what we think of Empaths. From what I can see, 95% of the population is to varying degrees, an Empath. They have no choice, they are energy beings passing each other in energetic rendezvous throughout their day. Of course we are affected by the emotional state of others. But it is completely our choice how we let that affect us. You can be the powerful one that is never affected negatively by others, or the weak one who is affected by everyone. Your imagination is so so so much more powerful than anyone gives it credit. It is your choice, by what you imagine, how you will or will not be affected by others. This is how I feel about this. You are of course welcome to believe or feel about it as you wish, but I promise, life is so much more pleasant if you imagine and expect to be the more powerful energetic compassionate member of your environment.

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  1. You haven’t posted in a long time, dear Dennis. That must be your new job 🙂

    See how much of an empath I can be next year, without absorbing too much of people’s challenging energy. Not an easy feat in a world where we are frequently tested….for a good cause, of course!

    Love & much Light

  2. Well said D….We keep waiting for a shift in consciousness. Maybe awakening our empaths within will in turn raise our consciousness and actually help the shift along. Who knows for sure what lies ahead. That is where trust and faith enter in…Have a good one! VK

  3. I kinda figured that we were all going to be empath’s either now or in the making, with all this energy we are going thru daily. I have been one of the lucky ones to have been blessed since birth as well as being an intuit, to which I am very honored.

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