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Your Knowing Has A Purpose

knowing ending

If you have found some big revelation, say it. Make a post. Create a blog.

That’s why people like us with these abilities to see through the veil are here. We came here, now to make a difference. We came here to show the way. Those who wish to follow will follow. Don’t look for followers, but clear a path so they can see there is another way. Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing. You came here to say what you know. Now is your time. The whole world is waiting for you.

Say what you know.  Use the Internet for what it was made for, to share Knowing.

Dreams Are Not Dreams…

Dreams are not dreams

Dreams are not dreams.

They are experiences you have in other timelines.

They can be experienced in your waking state, but most only experience them in their sleeping state.

The reason you forget them shortly after you awake is they are governed by the same laws of amnesia that you experience regarding previous lives.

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