Dreams Are Not Dreams…

Dreams are not dreams

Dreams are not dreams.

They are experiences you have in other timelines.

They can be experienced in your waking state, but most only experience them in their sleeping state.

The reason you forget them shortly after you awake is they are governed by the same laws of amnesia that you experience regarding previous lives.

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  1. You are absolutely right, thank you for that. I have been sharing what I learn seems like for years now on the internet. I have a few friends that I regularly send info to, as well as post what I find about injustices. This is a crooked world we live in run by crooked people who have managed to fool the majority of the masses, to which most of masses are left bewildered and punch drunk from the many years of over conditioning to not care anymore, we desperately are in need of a change to wake us up and snap us out of it. It is happening, but a little too slow for my taste, anything we as a family can do will reap volumes of good for our sake in the waking up humanity, whom are all our brothers and sisters…. Everyone yes, we are all family, all in this together…. So, Wake up People, this one counts !

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