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The Experience of Viewing the World Through the Eyes of an Angel

Angel Clouds

Today I had something magical happen as I walked in to work. For about 10 minutes I saw the world “through the eyes of an Angel”. I feel like it was one of the greatest gifts I was ever given. I had this happen once before but it only lasted about 30 seconds. After it I felt a sort of electricity emitting off all of my body. When I wondered what that feeling was I was told it was the feeling of “Freedom”.

One of the most obvious parts of it that made me aware was, EVERYONE was beautiful and happy. The colors stood out more. Everything else felt still and the only movement was done by the people. There was a sort of hyperfocus of my senses on the people.

I guess as it happens more and more to different people it may seep into the collective consciousness. I do “Feel” it’s important to discuss it when we experience these times. It will help to make it possible for others to experience. One other interesting thing about this time is when I started to think about making the feeling last I pushed it out of my thoughts. The process of trying to make something happen, prohibits it from continuing. So don’t try to do anything during these experiences just “LIVE” in those moments.

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