Signs and Miracles as We Walk into the Golden Age – Ease and Grace

At the start of the Winter Solstice, I was guided to understand we are heading to a point in our time of ever increasing ease and grace in our lives. I know it’s not completely evident now, but it is trickling in.

This Christmas, I decided I wanted a tool chest to replace the one I inherited from my father in law. A guy only buys one or two of these in their lifetime it seems, so I went for a larger than average sized one (not the biggest). It took a few weeks to get to the store where I ordered it. In my mind it would be no problem for us to pick up with our vehicle. When we arrived, and saw the 2 boxes, it was evident they wouldn’t fit. The bottom of it was 400 lbs. and the top was 300 lbs. We decided to rent one of their trailers so we could bring the tool chest home that way. We hooked up the trailer and plugged it’s wires into the connector for the lights and then proceeded to where the toolbox was for pickup. Four of the workers helped me get it on the trailer. It was not as heavy as I expected when we all lifted the boxes onto the trailer.

As we started to drive away two warnings flashed on the instrument panel saying that both of our rear turn signals were out. I stopped to look at it and it was correct, both back lights had the turn and brake lights out. The high mounted rear brake light was still working, at least we would have that one. I only live a few miles from where we picked it up, so all went well getting home.

When we arrived at home, I didn’t have much of an issue at all backing the trailer up into the driveway so we could unload the tool box into the garage. Surprisingly, I was able to slide the boxes off the trailer and into the garage myself.

We returned the trailer and stopped one more place before we went home. I got out to check the lights and they were still out. When we arrived home we went inside. I remembered that I wanted to check the rear reverse lights so I could narrow down the extent of the rear lights issue. My wife and I went outside to the vehicle and she got in, I went to the back to watch the lights. As she put it in reverse, the reverse lights lit. I said, great, at least they work. Something told me to check the brake lights, since they were out before. The brake lights worked. Astonished, I said, try the turn signals. They worked, all the broken lights worked now. These lights have two basic failure modes, a broken filament in the bulb or a broken fuse. Neither of these things “normally” magically fix themselves.

In thinking about this later, I was reminded that the choice of the toolbox was symbolic of me needing to reorganize and make ready my spiritual toolbox for what is coming.

Secondly, the symbolism of these specific lights means – Nothing can stop what is coming, no change (turn) will stop it.

Later as I was in the kitchen, telling my wife about the toolbox choice information that came to me, the light under the microwave came on. It had broken about 5 days ago, when it broke, something told me not to worry about it, so I didn’t. The microwave was only about a month old so when the bulb was broken it seemed odd since it was pretty new.

What does it all mean, Ease and Grace is now seeping into our reality.

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. I loved this song as a kid and never knew why…

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  1. Hello Dennis.

    This is Gilles.

    It has been a long, long time and it’s good to reconnect at the beginning of this new age!

    Good to know that all the lights are back on, as well. We may need all of them soon ❤

  2. Yes, the lights are on and everyone’s home.

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