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Let The Angel In You Heal And Give Peace To Others


There is a reason that everybody likes angels so much.  We like them because we are them when we are not incarnated.

You still have some of those powers here when you are incarnated but it is not well known.  One thing you can do to help heal people and give them peace is the following:

Use your imagination.  Your imagination is much more powerful than the world tells you it is.  It is another part of your multidimensional self.  It is actually a part of you in another realm.  That realm overlaps with this one and although many can’t see it, it can interact with this one.

Picture yourself next to the person, your actual physical distance between you and the person is irrelevant.  In this exercise there is no distance between anything.  Imagine that you are a 9 foot tall beautiful angel wrapping your wings around them in a loving embrace.  As you are doing this you are thinking about sending them love, healing and peace.  Feel it erupting from your heart area of your chest.  Many times you will feel a rush of love actually flooding your physical being at that moment.  For some that will assure them that the process has occurred.  Not everyone will immediately feel this but with practice and repetition and desire it will occur for all.

Experiment with your imagination, it is a much more powerful tool than anyone realizes.

Do you want to know the key to perfect health?

Do you want to know the key to perfect health?

As I wondered again how people could get rid of their chronic body pains, I was given an answer today.

Be Yourself.  Compromise your true self (not ego self) for no one.

There is of course a very technical answer to why that is so related to the chakras and energy, but the short answer is be your true self with no compromise.  You are here for a purpose and that is to shine the true version of yourself for all the world to see and feel.

It’s time, actually long overdue.

You now have a choice.  Continue with the pain or rid yourself of it with this new side of you that you have hidden away.

It’s safe, shine that light in the way only you know how.

You ARE The Source Of ALL Healing Power For Your Body

HUman Star

I reminded another friend of this today and was nudged to share it to the group.

If you seem to have tried all your normal ways of healing or requesting healing and nothing seems to be working as it used to, I offer the following suggestions:

Now is the time to realize YOU are the Sun/Star which provides the ability to heal your earthly form.  The old ways are leaving.  Realize the power is yours.

Have you asked your body for assistance? Have you talked to it and explained your love for it?

Have you remembered YOU are the source of the power that all those you pray for help to use?

Do you LOVE yourself exactly as you are?

Do you refrain from ever saying negative things to yourself or about your body?

That is what I have to offer as possibilities.

Take care bright lights

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves? Lissa Rankin, MD at TED Talks

This is a great video, watch it and share it.

Here also is a link to Pre-order her book coming out in May 2013

Lastly this is her Facebook Site:

One more 🙂

TEDxFiDiWomen – Lissa Rankin – The Shocking Truth About Your Health

One More Supporting Send Love To Heal Story

Here’s another story about sending love to heal.  I have my second level Reiki attunement so I’m familiar about energy healing and this was a combination of Reiki and sending love and healing thoughts.

I had some kind of abdominal pain last week, it seemed like a bladder infection but no real signs of that other than the abdominal pain. It persisted for about 4 days with no improvement, I was even having a hard time walking without being hunched over slightly.

We had been planning to go hiking in the mountains last Saturday. So Friday as I went to bed I tried a major hands on healing session as I laid in bed before going to sleep. I completely believe this is possible hence why I was trying it.

When I woke up the next morning I was 90% better, miracle granted. I was very happy but not really surprised. I think that was the final piece to reassure me about the possibilities of energetic healing.

It’s a crazy world and fun to be here now 🙂  Oh and yes, we had a great time in the mountains.  The picture above is from the trip. 🙂:)

Supporting Story About Send Love to Heal

This is a little funny and there’s no way to twist it around so it’s not without losing the real story.

So, I’m in my home office yesterday and our cat is in the chair next to me (like always) when I hear him hacking like he is going to dislodge a hairball.  My fully trained instincts kick in and I grab him and dash for the front door.  Imagine balancing him in one hand while I try to open the door with the other.  In my frenzy to get there fast I guess I was faster than I thought and I smash my right leg into the door frame with the gusto of a professional wrestler.  A loud smash was heard throughout the house and maybe the township.  I get outside and safely place him in the grass in time for him to expel the hairball.  I expel a big sigh of relief.

Then I remember, my knee.  This time instead of worrying, I started apologizing profusely for the accident to my knee.  I put my hands on it and started sending love and healing energy.  I pulled up my pant leg to look and it looked ok but was red and hot.  I only felt very minor pain in it and kept sending it love and healing energy as well as thoughts occasionally throughout the night.  It never hurt to walk on just a gentle reminder that it wasn’t happy but was going to cooperate with me to heal as well and pain-free as possible.

Today the next day, I’m continuing my healing plan and it is not red or bruised.  It is warm, but I’m sensing that that is required for the healing process.  There is no pain when I walk on it or move it.  No ice was used and no swelling occurred.

My hope is that you will all take these thoughts to heart and use them in your daily lives.  We know so little about our bodies really, but I hope that through sharings like these, we will all have better pain-free lives.  Your body is like a universe and you are the god of your universe.  It want’s to live it’s life to it’s fullest and assist you in any way it can.

You really can communicate with your body.  Treat it with respect and it will respect and help you in return.

Send love to Heal

Let’s get to the bottom of this discussion.  Ok it’s my foot.  I had Athlete’s Foot fungus next to my little toe.  Stick with me here 🙂  Whenever I took a shower and washed my foot I hated seeing it there.  Some of you will know where this is going.  So I’d wash it, put medicine on it, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Still it was there and I hated it.

“Why do you always hate it?  Send it love”  What?  “Why do you always hate it?  Send it love” said that inner voice (that knows everything).  OOOOhhhhhhh, ok will do.  So I listened to the voice and as I washed it I sent it love and healing.  Well you might be able to guess that I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t work.  Yes it worked and seemingly faster than any medicine could.

So what I’ve learned and am suggesting is that when you have something “wrong” physically (or emotionally) with you.  Instead of sending it hate, send it love.  Feel free to expand the practice since I’m shown in small ways that it seems to work on everything.

Be like the little children.  Only a child would believe that would work and yet it has.  Be silly and try impossible things (I do), some of them just might work.

I hope you all try this and put it into practice.

Of course you have to believe it will work and I did.

Heal yourself. We all did this once, we just forget.

Heal your headache yourself with your own inner healing abilities.

I’ve been guided to share this. We all have healing abilities in us, we just forget. Think about it. When you hurt yourself what do you instinctively do? You put your hand on the hurt area of your body. (did you just have an aha moment?) I’ve had my second level Reiki attunement but I think you all can do this.

I’m going to give you a suggestion to try in the comfort of your own surroundings. This has worked for me many times. Next time you have a headache, quiet yourself. Sit comfortably. Cup the palm of your hands with all your fingers touching. Place your palms on the sides of your temples. Close your eyes. Ask your creator, guides and angels etc to assist you in healing your headache and thank them for giving you this time to heal your headache. Focus and hold your hands there for a minute or two. Keep your mind focused on healing and as close to a meditative state as possible. Try another time if it doesn’t help the first try. I believe sometimes the electromagnetic fields get a little jumbled and cause us headaches. This procedure realigns the magnetic fields and the headache goes away. I think its sort of like degaussing a computer monitor. It’s also way faster than any medication.

Also, sometimes when you have pains other places. Try telling the pain to stop. Sounds funny but have you ever tried it? Focus on the area and tell the pain to stop. This might surprise you. 🙂 Best part is it cost you nothing but you have a great deal to gain if it works for you.

How will the physical body change as the LightBody comes online ?

How will the physical body change as the LightBody comes online ?

After some period of time (I keep hearing the number 7 yrs or more) for the body to complete it’s transition of holding more light it will be stronger, healthier and have more muscle tone with no greater physical effort.  The effort of inner clearing however will be a great.  This isn’t something that can only happen for some.  It will happen for all those who wish to be a part of this new reality.  This physical transition begins the moment when you begin to feel vibrations in your body.

Enjoy the ride 🙂

Why We Meditate… That Feeling

Tears of joy in my eyes as I remember why I can’t motivate myself to get on the spin bike anymore.  I used to run at one time and never could push myself to continue.  Years later I started on the spin bike and found my home.  I enjoyed it so much I almost became an instructor.  The reason I enjoyed it so much is I finally found the tool to push myself beyond my natural endurance level.

What I found while spinning is called Runner’s High.  It’s a point where you push and push your body when you feel like you have nothing left in you to continue.  What happens then?  When you continue beyond that point your higherself lets out a laugh and realizes you are putting your all into this and it takes over.  Suddenly the pain is gone, the mind chatter is gone, the whining is gone, it feels euphoric.  Few people ever experience it because most people give up long before it kicks in.  (I’m feeling it now as I write this)

Meditation unlocks that feeling without punishing your body.  Eventually it can be willed to happen.  You become familiar with what thoughts and feelings will invoke it in your normal waking moments.

Wishing you all a very joyous, healthy and safe 2015!

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