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Respect, Tenderness and Generosity (Love) – Lost but not forgotten and time to be taught again.


These three things are very basic components of a thriving community. Everything in that group of people flows effortlessly when these are practiced. We learned from our parents and grandparents and ancestors how important these are. So you see that’s why society is so perfect today.

“Did you just say, Wait, What was that? Society is far from perfect today!”

I completely agree and just was checking if you were paying attention. So if these are so obvious and clearly they have a well proven track record as being the basic components for a happy and peaceful society, why have they been lost?

This should be so easy. The parents teach it to the children through their actions and discussions with them. Great that should work fine. If we look back at the Native American Indians and all the way up to 1950 (in 80% of the families) only one parent left the home for work. That left one parent at home to instill these basic traits in their children. When both parents started working, we had to rely on someone else to teach these to our kids.

Instead of instilling these simple values, the public school system began the slow changeover to creating worker bees.  Don’t think, just go to work everyday.  Hate your job.  Come home (maybe), drink alcohol and fight with the family.  Repeat everyday until you die.  There, that’s a good citizen.

There was still a way this could have worked correctly.  Grandparents could have stepped up to fill that parent void.  Some did, I’m grateful for what my grandmother taught me.  But so many started to die off early from various illnesses.  We need to instill these traits and values again.  For now the only way is by living the part.  Show these traits in your daily life and share their benefits to all who will listen.  It has to start somewhere and you are the perfect group to get it started.

One last thing.  Older adults are very valuable to communities.  Please try to consider them as Elders and not Senior Citizens.  Elders are wise and carry very valuable lessons to share.  Give them the respect they deserve.

Crystals Have Done An Amazing Job, But Now…

crystals space

They have done a wonderful job of keeping the core frequency of the planet at a minimum allowed level. As the vibration of man dwindled the crystals held the vibration of the planet at their level. Without their help it would have been far worse and possibly uninhabitable.

In times past and even now they are helpful as a frequency holder and booster.  Their use in electronics is so far reaching, man’s technology jump would not have been possible without them.

Consider them for your use as a sort of training wheel like on your bike as you learn to ride it. They can help you to begin raising your vibration and get you going in the right direction. But now, at this time on the planet, there is something very important that you need to be aware of related to crystals and their interaction with you. HUmans that have worked on boosting their vibration for a year or two have already surpassed that of the crystal kingdom. It is as it was expected to be. They have helped you and done an amazing job, but it’s time to realize you no longer need the training wheels. We are forever in gratitude for what they have done but you need to move on.

Certainly appreciate them for their beauty but keep working on other ways to continue the rise of your vibration. Many will find that individuals with like mind are what you seek to continue on your way. As they say you are made of stars and you have the capability to vibrate as the stars themselves and that is a very high degree indeed.

Dimensional Phasing Has Begun

fifth dimension

Are you surprising anyone as of late?  Do you seem to be sneaking up on people with the skills of a great ninja?  Do you walk among crowds and go unnoticed until you wish to be?

The separation has begun, and although you are in the world with others you are starting to be a mere shadow passing by.  The vibrational frequencies are becoming great enough to allow you to be unnoticed as you travel about.  Each person you pass will either see you or not, based on their level of personal vibration.

Those who are still weighed down by fear caused by tv programming will be the first to not notice you.  Among them will even be some that consider themselves lightworkers.  Lightworker label or not, the weight of constant fear is a great burden on people’s vibrational level.

Release your fears and fill in the holes with love for self.  It is only in this way that you will continue on your path up the vibrational spiral towards your new Earth reality.  You’re not leaving Earth but it will be “different”.

One last thing.  If this is true for you at this time, you should also expect to start seeing glimpses of orbs passing you going about their travels.  Say hello as they go by.

The Brides Veil – The Veiled Meaning To The Tradition

brides Veil 2

The Brides Veil comes from the knowing that when the veil is removed we will see everyone’s true beauty.

Walking down the aisle symbolizes being led through life by others

The joining in marriage is the joining of your complementary opposite. Joining the dark and light (male and female) of a person for the perfect unified being.

The veil is removed (crown chakra opened) to reveal their true beauty, unseen prior to this process.

Full Kundalini Awakening – The Missing Puzzle Piece


It has been told that only by following very specific ways could a person reach full kundalini awakening.  You had to trek off to some guru on a mountain and give up your way of life to get to that final place of enlightenment.  Could any of us ever be worthy?

Of course you are, we all are worthy.

I’m sure many will expect this to be very long winded about how this could be possible.  No, it will be a brief description and if you wish to research the possibility please do so.

All of the channeled messages were sent to make us better people and create a divine link from us to source.  All of the “Ascension Symptoms” match very well with kundalini rising symptoms.  What the messages triggered or nurtured is the kundalini activation and progression towards enlightenment.

This process can vary greatly in both time and effect depending on the individual.  But what happens is the kundalini gets activated, it rises or descends for some.  The crown chakra begins to open, energy is felt throughout the body.  As the crown chakra opens, the inflow of divine energy cleanses the inner energetic pathways and chakras.  This is the sacred cleansing fire spoken about.  When the crown chakra finally opens fully, it no longer pulls energy into the body.  It flips and the person’s energy radiates out from all their chakras into the environment.  The energy that emanates from the person’s body is limitless.  This was a situation that only happened to a few people every hundred years.  The inverted crown chakra emitting energy out of the body is where the halo in the pictures of Christ and saints came from.  This is how Christ Consciousness begins on Gaia.

This is happening now in rapid progression all over the world.  Each of these enlightened individuals naturally awaken others just by being in their proximity.  Shortly the 144,000 will be an unstoppable force of love and compassion.

Welcome to the New Earth.

The Cocoon Is Opening

Butterfly Human

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this, but if I don’t post it you will not know of the possibilities occurring.  I can only post my experience here, there isn’t much to research regarding it.

I’m trying to get an expanded idea of the characteristics So I’m not sure what term would apply to it yet.

I normally have energy pour into me from my crown chakra and it washes through me from my head to my feet. This used to happen multiple times a day. What I feel when this happens is like a full body energetic bliss running from my head through my whole body and out my feet. It is a few seconds in duration. There is nothing painful about it. It’s literally like a firehose of energy shooting through your whole body from top to bottom.  It generally would occur as confirmation to new knowing or appreciation of music, art or scenery.  Generally whatever makes your soul joyful.

For the past two weeks I’ve had a sharp pain in my wing area of my back.  On Tuesday the 27th, I noticed a change in the energy. What changed is that same energy no longer comes from above. Now it comes from inside me at about 5 different points.  My head, high heart, solar plexus, hip area and feet. These seem like chakra points and they fire off at different times. They go off like a pulse that radiates out and it feels like the same energy that used to rush through me.  Simply by placing your attention on the energy with gratitude the flow can be instantly initiated at will.  I’m still working on learning why the energy is felt from different places now instead of one general pulse through me.

Please feel free to add in the comments if you know what term applies.  I’m leaning towards Soul Integration or Full Kundalini Awakening or Ascension through the incension of the Higher Self.

Shine Your Light to Minimize Your Pain


Yes it sounds crazy that when you are feeling in pain and at your worst you should put that pain aside and shine your light.

It most certainly is crazy if you are just a normal person. But here’s a secret, none of you are “normal”. Nobody. Normal is some set kind of standard. There is nothing standard with anyone. Tell your fingerprints to comply to this human standard. The universe laughs at man’s laws.

As it is always said, your life will be what you focus on. If you choose to focus on the constant pain you feel and have inner dialog about it, then you will get more of that. If you wish to keep experiencing that, it is totally within your right to do so.

If you wish to transcend that pain, then put it off to the side of your awareness. Do more of what you love. Help other people and be peppy and happy and feel the love in your life that you share with everyone around you. Will this work for everyone? Yes, if that is what you choose. You also have to know it works and keep your focus on the positive things in your life.

Life is always only a choice. Whether you make one or not, you still have.

Lighthouses, Stand and Take Your Places

Lighthouse 23

Although I try to avoid choosing or giving labels, this is an important one.  Be proud of it if you are one.  Don’t believe everything you read, there is nothing wrong with pride as long as it’s not ego based.  It’s sometimes a lonely role but soo important for this world.

If you are one you very likely have always felt some inner sensation when you look at them far off in the distance.  No one even thinks about them in general unless they are in desperate times and are counting the minutes to their inescapable demise.  This goes for the building type as well as the person who was built for this role.  Here are some of the traits they generally have.  You may or may not have them all, but if you have many you still likely are one:

You have an inner voice that you are WELL aware of that assists you in every way (your higherself).

You don’t have an obvious higher dimensional “team” who communicate with you.

Although you follow or read channeled message you don’t hang on their every word.

You can immediately sense lies and deceptive people.

You say what everyone else is thinking, you can’t help it, that’s who you are.

You have an analytical mind and love science.

You are a seeker who loves adventure.

You are here to cut through the fog and deception.  You have an incredible inner light that blinds those wishing to fool others.  Realize that there are good and evil on both sides of every system.  Shine your inner light and allow the truth to surface.  Don’t try to make others follow you, just show them the truth that many times only you can see.  You are serving a special purpose and are also likely a planetary light server, spreading your energy over great expanses of the Earth.

I promise that once everything clicks in your head your world will turn amazing.  Always be true to yourself and have undying faith in your own inner knowing.  Your higherself, your own lighthouse, will guide you on your path.

Please, if you are this kind of person and do not have a blog yet, create one.  Help stop all the deception and show your light to the world.

Enjoy the New Wiring


I sometimes try not to say things like this so if it doesn’t happen to you you won’t feel left out.  It will happen for all but at different times.  Your body will complete these changes in it’s perfect time schedule.  There are some who have or had this happening and for them it’s important to explain.

Have you noticed that some days you wake up and your fine motor skills are not what you remember?  You try to make a slight movement and your hand responds with a bigger than expected movement.  What is happening is you’ve recently had your wiring upgraded.  This is referring to your internal electrical pathways.  With the integration of these higher energies it is required to make your pathways larger.  It’s literally so you don’t burn out your pathways with the increasing energy now coming to Earth.  When they are made larger it takes a bit, a day, a few days maybe before it feels like normal again.

Please don’t try to question the medical experts about it.  They don’t know about it and if they do notice they won’t tell you they have.  But there are those who are similar to you that happen to have jobs in the medical fields as well.  We are counting on them to start getting this knowledge spread around in the medical community.  Yes it will be difficult for you all to get this integrated there but remember you planned this before you came here. 🙂

As with anything medical if you are worried and feel the urge to ask a doctor, please do so.

Through The Eyes Of Your Higherself


If you could all see each other as the higher realms see us, you would stop all the petty arguing and realize the divinity that is inseparable from us all.  It is inseparable because without it the magic of the body would cease.

When everyone is finally integrated with their higherself, one of the amazing changes will be their sight.  Seeing the world through your higherself is vastly different than seeing as you do now.  When you look at a person as your higherself, everyone looks angelic.  You see the true person they are, the 3D veil is removed from them.

This is one of the pieces of the change I am explaining from personal experience.  At the end of a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session I looked at the practitioner and saw her as you would see an angel if they were next to you.  This view only lasted about 30 seconds and then she looked like she did before.  (As beautiful as the above picture is, it pales in comparison to what I saw)  During a QHHT session your higherself is contacted and talked to.  At the end of that session there is a brief period that you transition from having your higherself at the forefront of your consciousness to your normal waking consciousness.  It was during that transition that I was able to see her in her true form.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a unique hypnotherapy technique developed by Dolores Cannon.  I will be adding more about this technique in the future because it is a unique way to contact and work with your higherself.  It is perfectly assistive to show people there is so much more to them than what science has told them.  Here is a link to Dolores’ about page on her site.

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