Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms

Arch Angel Michael

Time for a little cleanup.

Whether it is being done knowingly or not this needs to be said.

As it is known we are in a world of duality and that extends into every nook and cranny.  Generally it’s not considered that this would include channeled sources.  But the truth is, it does.  Some sources are connecting with the higher realms and some are connecting with the archons.  The archons wish to disempower us and make us think we need them to save us.  By following this thought process of needing someone external to save us we freely give away our power to them.  There are a few easy ways to spot this type of channeling.

– You will have an odd feeling that doesn’t feel good.

– They will say we are coming to save you soon.

– They will not mention that you have a higherself.

– Parts of the message will praise you and other parts will make you think you need them to save you.

– These sources will also list dates many times that never happen and always give some excuse all to make you feel helpless and in fear.

True clear channels of higher sources would not include the above and always work to prop you up and show you your inner strength and abilities.

We claim we are system busters and that includes shining the light on all areas even our channels among us.

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  2. I am in agreement 100% here dear Dennis! thank you for your courage and work! Laura

  3. So true Dennis. Important to know especially for newly awakened who just search for more knowing. I have my favorite channels but sometimes I read messages from other channelers too and to be honest I feel sometimes strange and odd and then I stop reading them.

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    In addition, most times the channeler does not even realize they are not channeling from the highest divine realm. They really believe they are channeling from an “Angelic” source.

  5. perfect timing….I just started researching the archons today…..THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

    • silentwindofchange

      Most everytime I write these I feel like someone is out there waiting to read it. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. Discerning which channeled messages are sincere and truthful would be much easier if you’d provide a list. Many folks are new to the channeled message scene, and guidance on which to avoid would be helpful. Discernment, resonation, and intuition are very good guides, but again, many folks don’t know they have these ‘powers’. Thanks for all you do, rascalboy1161.

    • silentwindofchange

      Thank you Todd for your comments. Everyone’s truth is different. I can only give you the tools and let you use them to decide for yourself. It should honestly be very easy if you just use the list I gave today. Thank you for reading my posts.

  7. There IS a list? Where can I find it? I have read and followed channeled messages for some 30 years, starting with the Seth material. Some resonates, and some does not, however, much of it is of a loving nature, and uplifting. Thanks again, TH.

  8. This is so very true that Not All Channels Connect With Higher Divine Realms .. Many of the negative light frequency have obtained mind links with a higher consciousness associated with the negative light ascension … scripture warns that even satan can transform into an angel of light … yet satan is the lord of the negative christ light … we should always consciously choose the Positive Light …

  9. I didn’t intend for this link to be part of my comment, please forgive me

  10. This is a great post, Silent Winds of Change. It’s good to remain discerning and take only what resonates with us.

    I should point out, though, that genuine channels do tend to compliment the Lightworker public and that complimenting the readers shouldn’t necessarily have to point to a corrupted source, at least in my opinion.

    Perhaps I could point to the end of your post,

    “True clear channels of higher sources (…) always work to prop you up and show you your inner strength and abilities.”

    I should also point out that some of the indicators could potentially indicate a new channel, rather than a corrupted source. Newer channels tend to fall into such ways of channeling before they sharpen their abilities and begin bringing through really helpful and clear messages.

    I just think that we shouldn’t turn our backs on newer or developing channels because they fall into some of the patterns you’ve mentioned here. Unless we know we’re dealing with a corrupted source, it’s important to encourage and motivate potential new channels who could fall under some of the things to watch out for.

    Much Love!

    Wes 🙂

    • silentwindofchange

      Thank you Wes for your comments. This post was predominately regarding well seasoned channels. I agree what you said about new channels. There are many who have been channeling for years and match the list I posted. It’s time to shed some light on those.

  11. Thank you so much for writing this. As a newbie to the world of channeling, I have found it increasingly difficult to discern whether to believe some things and not others. Personally, I have given up on the supposed “events” to come, such as a completely new economic system as some channelers have suggested. I have found that the channelings that do resonate with me are the ones about personal power and increasing compassion. I try to keep a very open mind, but some of the channelings I have read seem to be just as ridiculous as the “2012 Apocalypse” predictions.

    • silentwindofchange

      Welcome and people like you were the main reason for me writing this. Thanks for your comments. I hope that by using these tips you will still select a few to follow. They have helped me a great deal. I even started to channel and the only source that came through for me was my higerself. From that point I started to be able to know more when I was getting information from my higherself. But honestly if I hadn’t worked on channeling myself I’m not sure if I ever would have made the connection. Another major key part of the whole process is meditation. Not “crazy spend your life on it” meditation, but at least to the point of being able to do it and get the benefit of quieting the chatter of our monkey brains. Everyone’s path is unique and the best suggestion I can give is follow your heart and your inner guidance. There are a few post I made about the ego that would benefit most people if you just do a search for ego in my posts. Never give up, the benefits are worth the effort.

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