Limitless – Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Light


If you were told you had power beyond belief how would you react?




Sit with this thought for a bit. YOU, we, I are powerful beyond belief.

“But why don’t I feel that way?”

You forgot and you’ve been conditioned to believe that’s silly and ridiculous.

Do you know anyone who at least appears to have this power I’m speaking of? Yes?  What is the difference between them and you?

They KNOW we all are like that.

Your “Kryptonite” is your doubt.

That’s it, nothing else. But that one thing is the biggest obstacle of all. You don’t want to seem like a fool for “knowing” this? Sadly the ones who would think you are the fool are really the fools. Why did the rebels in society stand out so much? They knew and felt this in themselves, ALL their lives. They have felt this power rippling through their skin as a breeze passes by them. They felt love rush through them the first time they listened to a musical jewelry box as a child. They don’t listen to music, they feel it. They have gasped at the amazing beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Society has colored them as the fool or too sensitive. It’s that sensitivity that gives them their limitless strength and power. They are tapped into the all of existence. ALL the great inventors, artists, musicians are like this.

Would it make you fearful that you would misuse that power if you had it? “So many powerful people misuse their powers in real life and in movies.” This power cannot be used for malicious deeds. Frequency gates prohibit the possibility.

Can this power make you win the lottery? Hardly, and in order for you to have this you truly wouldn’t care about the lottery. Could you with this power, telepathically connect with all the other lighthouses and beacons to form a protective energetic grid around the Earth? Of course, you’ve already started the process. You’ve been called grid workers. That was an analogy for people who thought they were “just” people. You are not “just” people. You are a collection of beings that once you step into your power, you will be truly limitless. The grid that’s spoken of is a grid that forms from the power generated in you. At this stage you are tapped into “zero point energy”, their is no limit to zpe. It’s source is “the all”. As all the lighthouses step into their power, when their higherself integrates with their physical and they feel the energy pulsing out from their core, telepathically they will all synch up and form this grid. What can this grid do you might ask?

We are going to find out.

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  1. Good one SW….Just wanted to let you know wordpress still can’t fix its email problem so I as well as many others are not receiving posts that we signed up for. You are one of them 😦 With so much to do I forget or don’t always have time to go to sites and read and comment. I hope they fix this pretty soon. It’s a pain in the tush…So if you don’t see me that’s why…..VK

  2. The Grid is complete! (I helped build it my Self, so I KNOW this). Kryptonite being removed from Gaia as you read this, the final chunks that have lingered in the hands of those who now fade screaming into the abyss of their own making. (Had a hand in that, too!). We’re all set and ready to FIRE UP this weekend as limitation is left behind in the wastebin of human history forever — for those who CHOOSE to be part of the New Reality, of course. For those who make another, less ecstatic choice . . . . Well, hasta la vista, baby, ’cause us Self-Empowered Avatars (formerly known — somewhat interchangeably — as ‘fools on the hill’ and/or ‘conspiracy nut jobs’ and/or ‘new age hippie freaks’ and/or ‘pie in the sky dreamers’ among others) are now stepping forward and TAKIN’ THIS PLANET BACK!!!

  3. this made me cry…I don’t feel so alone now, thank you…I mean im scared, but at least im not alone

  4. Yes, the grid is complete. We are ready to light it up and welcome everyone home.

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  6. I am a little late at wandering into your blog but I really enjoyed this article and it is exactly what I need to remember right now. Thank you!! ~Nancee

  7. Some of us have great power experienced but it does not seem to be available for health.
    please address that. peg hamilton okc

  8. silentwindofchange

    Thanks for sharing fellow lighthouse 🙂

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