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Explaining The Knowing


The Knowing is what comes to you after you connect with your HigherSelf, higher dimensions and or frequencies.

When you wonder about something you are instantly told the answer (answers from ego are NEVER instant).  This is the answer from your HigherSelf.  It knows a great deal of information and has tremendous wisdom but truthfully it doesn’t know everything.  Also, it can not and will not tell you everything.

This is a gift that you can share with others.  You do not need them to agree that you are right or use your information like it is the truth for them.  That is for them to decide on their own.

We are at a transition for this.  In the past a person like this was considered a “know-it-all” and annoying.



Try to look at this type of behavior as helpful.  Going forward many more people will begin to do this.  We are all happy to provide ourselves as an instrument of source to assist people when they need help.  In that process we will get “knowings” that are meant to be shared.  Please share them so this work can be performed.

A Favorite Saying Since A Young Age

Child of the Veil

Ever since a young age I had this one favorite saying.  I generally used it whenever what I said or did seemed odd to those around me.

“Every once in a while I go off to my own little world but it’s ok cause they know me there.”

I’m not sure where it really came from, but recently I’ve realized it’s not just a saying.  It literally happens every time I close my eyes.

Do you want to know the key to perfect health?

Do you want to know the key to perfect health?

As I wondered again how people could get rid of their chronic body pains, I was given an answer today.

Be Yourself.  Compromise your true self (not ego self) for no one.

There is of course a very technical answer to why that is so related to the chakras and energy, but the short answer is be your true self with no compromise.  You are here for a purpose and that is to shine the true version of yourself for all the world to see and feel.

It’s time, actually long overdue.

You now have a choice.  Continue with the pain or rid yourself of it with this new side of you that you have hidden away.

It’s safe, shine that light in the way only you know how.


Here’s a seldom discussed topic. Thank you for the post Lisa 🙂

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

aether 2

Before I begin, I would like to re-explain how I get my information.  You can read more about me on another page on this blog site.  I don’t channel entities, I am not a spiritual celebrity (nor do I want to become one)….I am just a normal person that has mystical experiences on other realms and realities for the purpose of bringing certain information out, evolving myself, and helping where needed.  I use my internal technology and experiences first, and then I do a lot of research, along with reading many Ancient Texts/Holy Sciences.  Then, I combine that with the written current knowledge, to put the pieces of my experiences together.  I guess you can say my process follows the Principle of Correspondence….As within, so Without.  I receive knowledge from within myself and follow up with the Knowledge I find from without.


There are…

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As You Move Towards Unity Consciousness…

As you move towards unity consciousness you will begin to feel alone.  You are not and never could be alone but there is a very profound reason for it.  You naturally stay away from “doom and gloomers”, but now you are shying away from the “love and lighters”.  It is a different feeling but what you should know is this feeling will change to one of immense love and happiness for all.  You are moving yourself away from those extreme polarities and understanding we are all one.  In that place, all is one and it is truly Heaven on Earth.  Love all and don’t group them into different sides.  This feeling of unity consciousness will heal all things both within and without.

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