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A Quick Note About Self Love

This post is a quick note about self love.  I was recently returning from a family trip and waiting in the airport for the last plane we had to take to return home.  I had purchased a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and was letting it cool down before I drank it.  I put it on the floor and pointed it out to my wife to avoid the possibility of it being accidentally spilled.  Five minutes later I look down and saw the cup tipped over and completely empty (amazing how much liquid those rugs can absorb).  I couldn’t prevent an accident, somehow the cup was knocked over.  But I could control my reaction to it.  I looked at the cup, picked it up and walked away.  I walked to Starbucks and bought another one.  If this happened to one of my kids I would get them another one.  Why would I not do this for myself?

Why would you treat yourself different than any other person you love?

Remember, step one of your journey is self love.  Actually you can place that stepping stone wherever you wish but you will cross it before your journey is complete.  It’s much easier to place that step at the beginning.

If you are having energetic pain…

If you are having energetic pain, send it out as love to all around you. I’m being told we are meant to send it out more and more as the frequencies rise. The pain is because your vessel hasn’t equalized to the higher energies yet so it comes through as pain. Your way through this part of the journey will ease itself if you radiate out love to all.

Regarding headaches, be grateful and thank your headaches, they are a warning sign. Usually first thing to do for a headache is drink water then thank it and think of some things to laugh and smile about. You will be surprised how well this will work. Sometimes it’s not just a lack of water so try to decipher the root cause of the headache. Drink lots of water to make your body a better conductor for the energies. Pain in people like us is generally stuck energies. The water will help and also yoga.

As always check with a doctor to be sure of course.

How Does The New Earth Happen?


You begin to only have interactions with other enlightened beings. The rest of the crazies are around still, but they no longer are part of your reality.


How will the physical body change as the LightBody comes online ?

How will the physical body change as the LightBody comes online ?

After some period of time (I keep hearing the number 7 yrs or more) for the body to complete it’s transition of holding more light it will be stronger, healthier and have more muscle tone with no greater physical effort.  The effort of inner clearing however will be a great.  This isn’t something that can only happen for some.  It will happen for all those who wish to be a part of this new reality.  This physical transition begins the moment when you begin to feel vibrations in your body.

Enjoy the ride 🙂

What is the Light-Body at this “Stage” of the game?

Lightbody Seated

What is the Light-Body at this “stage” of the game?

At this point (for those who have it connected) it is an intensely connected feeling system.  All the feelings you’ve ever had, amplify them 10, 50, 100, 1000 times.  That’s what your connected light-body will feel like.  It’s “feelings” like you’ve never experienced, in this or any of your lifetimes.

If you seem to be delayed in your connection of it more than likely you still have some clearing to do.

“I’ve been clearing for years”

Yes but you are not done.  Imagine having this amazing upgrade to your feelings.  The most intense kind of all feelings are felt with it.  Through “grace” it is offline until you start experiencing joy and peace as your predominant daily experience.  Can you imagine the horrible level of feelings you would experience if you still have bouts of self hate, fear, frustration, anguish, etc?

All things in their time.

This is what you can look forward to experiencing after your clearing is completed.

Ask, Seek, Knock…


Internally, you won’t get answers unless you ask.  You won’t find anything if you don’t look.  TV won’t assist you with this.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

“For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

Only in your search both internal and external will your path be walked.  Your HigherSelf will be with you always, but so too will it be silent.  You have to ask the questions to get answers.  You need to seek the answers to be shown the way.  You have to take the steps and ask the questions or the doors to enlightenment and spiritual advancement will remain closed.

Please don’t forget to meditate 🙂

Your Automatic Writing Ability

I recently wrote about meditation and how the feeling compares with “Runners High” I forgot to mention a similar situation. Automatic Writing is what happens when you start writing a certain thing and suddenly in a perfectly smooth transition the words and phrases and WISDOM just starts flowing onto the page. It is really an amazing thing to experience and behold. At that time you are actively channeling your higherself.  Yes, you all can do this, not just a chosen few.  Enjoy!

Truth about Twin Flames

twin flame

Both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are With-In you all.  You don’t need to go search out some other person that is your twin flame.  You have both halves within you.  Balance them and be whole again.  That is the alchemical divine marriage.  Love yourself is step one.  Without love there can be no marriage.

When you are whole your soulmate will find you with no effort on either of your parts.

A Helpful Technique For Manifestation

I’ve got to tell this thought about manifestation.

I’ve had some great success with manifestation in the last year.  I also believe I found the perfect tool to assist this process in this wonderful age of technology.

The process is as follows, when you have a want/need (the universe will decide if you need it) capture it and research it and include all the info in an electronic notebook in this program.  During the process, think about how you would feel if you had the situation or item you are trying to manifest.  Feel the gratitude of having it like you do have it.  Then let it go and let the process occur.

The tool I use is Evernote.  In the program I create a notebook for the item/situation I’m trying to manifest.  During the process you are mimicking the feelings you would have if this actually occurred.  In my experience of this process it seems to take just a few weeks in most cases unless it’s a large item.

Pay attention to all the ways the universe begins offering the item or situation to you.  It may not always be obvious so you have to pay attention and assist with the process.

In limited use Evernote is free to use.  Maybe it should be called Aethernote 🙂

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