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Seasonal Allergies No More

Seasonal Allergies, I had them all my life.

Then suddenly as I began to follow my path they disappeared.  I originally thought they went away due to me raising my vibration.  For the past two years I accepted that as the reason and was grateful for it but for some reason I have still been wondering.

Today someone else asked what people thought about seasonal allergies so I decided to sit with the thought and see if anything came through from my higherself to explain what happened to cause them to go away.  As usual when I get information from my higherself the info was dropped to me as a complete package in seconds.  The amazing thing about these drops is it’s a complete explanation of what happened but it only took 2 seconds to be revealed to me.  Let me elaborate on what I was shown.

I had suffered my whole life with Spring and Fall allergies.  When I was in grammar school I routinely had to request that I could go to the restroom to splash water on my face to relieve me from some of the symptoms.  Many medications were tried during my lifetime with varying results but nothing seemed perfect.  One of the last medicines I took was Flonase.  While I took it I felt like it was building up an immunity to the allergies.  After a few sporadic week long uses of that medicine my allergy symptoms disappeared.  Incredible.

Today as I sat and waited for an answer relating to this I was shown that it was my belief that the drug was causing an immunity in me that actually truly did create that immunity.  The mind is a very powerful thing.

If you want to read more about the power of the mind for healing I’d suggest you read some of the material from Lissa Rankin, MD.

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This is a great video, watch it and share it.

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One More Supporting Send Love To Heal Story

Here’s another story about sending love to heal.  I have my second level Reiki attunement so I’m familiar about energy healing and this was a combination of Reiki and sending love and healing thoughts.

I had some kind of abdominal pain last week, it seemed like a bladder infection but no real signs of that other than the abdominal pain. It persisted for about 4 days with no improvement, I was even having a hard time walking without being hunched over slightly.

We had been planning to go hiking in the mountains last Saturday. So Friday as I went to bed I tried a major hands on healing session as I laid in bed before going to sleep. I completely believe this is possible hence why I was trying it.

When I woke up the next morning I was 90% better, miracle granted. I was very happy but not really surprised. I think that was the final piece to reassure me about the possibilities of energetic healing.

It’s a crazy world and fun to be here now 🙂  Oh and yes, we had a great time in the mountains.  The picture above is from the trip. 🙂:)

Send love to Heal

Let’s get to the bottom of this discussion.  Ok it’s my foot.  I had Athlete’s Foot fungus next to my little toe.  Stick with me here 🙂  Whenever I took a shower and washed my foot I hated seeing it there.  Some of you will know where this is going.  So I’d wash it, put medicine on it, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Still it was there and I hated it.

“Why do you always hate it?  Send it love”  What?  “Why do you always hate it?  Send it love” said that inner voice (that knows everything).  OOOOhhhhhhh, ok will do.  So I listened to the voice and as I washed it I sent it love and healing.  Well you might be able to guess that I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t work.  Yes it worked and seemingly faster than any medicine could.

So what I’ve learned and am suggesting is that when you have something “wrong” physically (or emotionally) with you.  Instead of sending it hate, send it love.  Feel free to expand the practice since I’m shown in small ways that it seems to work on everything.

Be like the little children.  Only a child would believe that would work and yet it has.  Be silly and try impossible things (I do), some of them just might work.

I hope you all try this and put it into practice.

Of course you have to believe it will work and I did.

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