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Have You Always Wanted To Be Able To Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dreaming

Have you always wanted to be able to Lucid Dream?

The Universe heard and it is coming.

But you don’t have to sleep for it to occur.

Instant Lucid Dream-state when you close your eyes,

it’s here and will begin seeping into the consciousness of you all.

That’s all I have to share at the moment.

You probably will be watching much less TV 🙂

What We Call “Enlightenment”…


What we call “Enlightenment” is just getting back to how we once were.

We are striving to be a “Hu-Man Be-ing”

Translated, that is a God Man Be-ing

Not thinking, just being

Enlightenment is learning to just rest in a state of being, representing god consciousness and experiencing “Creation” in all it’s glory.

2012 Was A Dud, Not For Everyone ~ Read on

Dawn of a New Beginning

December 2012 was to be a big deal, it was to change everything.  For some it did and then they were slowed down so they could assist others.  Each wave will assist those that follow.  Two years have nearly passed and what some are experiencing now, those others experienced at the same time in 2012.

What does it mean?

It means hang on Dorothy cause Kansas is going bye bye.

Expect from the end of this year and for the following two years to be very special and amazing for you.  If you want you can go back and follow my blog for hints of how your life might transition.

Start with this one and work your way forward.

It’s an amazing journey and just starting for many.  Expect that you will go through a rebirth that begins in December and ends to near completion at the end of August 2015.

Expect that every two years more will be part of this transition.

Enjoy the ride.

Dragon’s Firey Breath, Not What You Think

white dragon

The Dragon’s Fire Breathing is symbolic of the power of our human breath to assist us in achieving specific “magical” tasks. Your own inner guidance will explain to you the specifics that are right for you in this reaLIGHTy.

They have been portrayed as scary and evil to hide this truth from you.  They are however great lovers of humanity and also teachers with great wisdom.

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