Full Kundalini Awakening – The Missing Puzzle Piece


It has been told that only by following very specific ways could a person reach full kundalini awakening.  You had to trek off to some guru on a mountain and give up your way of life to get to that final place of enlightenment.  Could any of us ever be worthy?

Of course you are, we all are worthy.

I’m sure many will expect this to be very long winded about how this could be possible.  No, it will be a brief description and if you wish to research the possibility please do so.

All of the channeled messages were sent to make us better people and create a divine link from us to source.  All of the “Ascension Symptoms” match very well with kundalini rising symptoms.  What the messages triggered or nurtured is the kundalini activation and progression towards enlightenment.

This process can vary greatly in both time and effect depending on the individual.  But what happens is the kundalini gets activated, it rises or descends for some.  The crown chakra begins to open, energy is felt throughout the body.  As the crown chakra opens, the inflow of divine energy cleanses the inner energetic pathways and chakras.  This is the sacred cleansing fire spoken about.  When the crown chakra finally opens fully, it no longer pulls energy into the body.  It flips and the person’s energy radiates out from all their chakras into the environment.  The energy that emanates from the person’s body is limitless.  This was a situation that only happened to a few people every hundred years.  The inverted crown chakra emitting energy out of the body is where the halo in the pictures of Christ and saints came from.  This is how Christ Consciousness begins on Gaia.

This is happening now in rapid progression all over the world.  Each of these enlightened individuals naturally awaken others just by being in their proximity.  Shortly the 144,000 will be an unstoppable force of love and compassion.

Welcome to the New Earth.

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  1. Hmmm…During the recent astrological occurrences, there were several days it felt like there were bugs crawling through my hair making the top of my skull tingly. I had to keep reaching up to make sure nothing was in my hair. When it went on for several days I began to wonder about it. Who knows. Thanks for sharing…VK

  2. I had read an earlier channeled message the the old paradigm of mystics and gurus no longer applied….your thoughts reflect this also….I have become fully illuminated in this lifetime nd or a long , long time felt alienated from everyone…..now I can see that the All of us is awakening as well en masse…I know that there is a longer journey ahead for us but the knowing that we are approaching an new era together makes my life more worthwhile…

  3. My full kundalini awakening occurred in 1999 spontaneously when I was becoming a certified breath practitioner. I was practicing Full Wave Breathing when all of a sudden I felt this tingling sensation in my face around my mouth travel up to my 3rd eye, my 3rd eye opened and then the sensation traveled to my crown chakra and I felt the ‘thousand petal lotus’ open my crown! I could literally feel each petal unfold open. I felt at One with everything. There was no inside/outside. It was very blissful and ecstatic. There simply are no words to fully describe the experience. Since that time it’s occurred a half a dozen times or more through conscious breathing on my own AND another two times while making love. I’ve always known that if I could have this experience, than others can too. When the activation first occurred I kept seeing 1:44 on the clock yet didn’t understand the significance of it then. Now I do! Thank you for this posting~

    • silentwindofchange

      Do you have energy pouring through you or does it now radiate out from multiple cores within you? Thanks for your input.

  4. silentwindofchange

    Thanks for the info Nick.

  5. Your post is accurate…the old paradigm is no longer….we are now working collectively in such a way that the ressonant frequency is changing en masse. This will make it much easier for spontaneous awakening to happen. You are right, it used to be SO rare that only a few were on the planet at any given time. NOW it can happen in a more spontaneous fashion (and is…in spades)….I never did any yoga, I was on a spiritual journey and did my own form of meditation, but was not a daily thing. Understanding what does make this take place can be helpful, but I think when you are ready you are ready (for spontaneous awakenings). I wont say that some sort of practice wont work, but the fact is, if kundalini yoga works so great, then why aren’t there even more since we have a kind of kundalini yoga craze going on right now? The process itself is so simple…you do not need a method, just the awareness of how to remove or allow the energy through. To do this is the most incredible experience of your life…so strong it can freak some folks out, but once you learn to ride the wave, you are simply forever changed. And people take notice! Events happen differently, these odd signs are themselves the result of the life force in abundance. The body changes, people start having symptoms of awakening often around you. Allowing huge amounts of this energy through is more surrender than “working” at it. This is like falling in love; it is no effort: you allow….no effort…no hard work….the work of love is not work. Kundalini 24/7. It seemed at first so hard….but now, it is the old way that is hard. Utterly changed….death and birth each day…sloughing the old skin to the new/old original one. The finest worship if there ever was one. We are designed for this! And the tingling described up above…yes…but it can also go all over the body…look for that…and I did have this weird sense that this was somehow tied to the solar activity (perhaps it is!) this tingling is itself a way to condition the lines of force in the body and on the skin. A good thing! Small clearings to prepare the larger system for the flow in a more central way….this is the return of the divine feminine in our time….a return to bliss and joy, to the right brain, to the feminine current…to Shakti, to a mode of being that is now being returned to us as spoken of by others in our past. The Great Wheel has come full turn. Earth must return to balance.

  6. Recently I have had a mind blowing experience that I just did not understand. It was like energies were explaining the universe in picture, without sight, just energy. I can’t explain it. I felt at one with love itself and completely blissfull! I see now the truth.
    But I am not a yoga practitioner. This simply happened to me while lying in bed. The only thing that resembles yoga that i do is breathing techniques.
    I was so freaked by the experience that I had to do reaserch to find out what had happened. I think this or something in the yogic tradition can explain my awakening. Can you help me understand? His has changed my life’s perspective but i would like to be able to continue on whatever path this has put me on. Thank you

    • silentwindofchange

      You had a Kundalini awakening. Although I may anger some of the kundalini purists I’d have to say they only know part of the picture. Follow your heart and intuition. Listen to the quiet voice in your head and ignore that negative ego voice. There are many previous messages here than can assist you. Meditation though is a must from my perspective, even if you only do it 20-30 times. It seems that is the narrow gate that must be passed to allow you to continue up in your path. Everyone’s path is different so I can only offer these suggestions to you. Good Luck in your journey. Thank you for posting your comment. You are off on a wild ride, it happened because it is your time.

      • I will be sure to stay true to what I can only describe as true Good. Thanks for posting and commenting back! I will start to meditate more and practice yoga to enlighten my journey even more. Thanks!

  7. silentwindofchange

    Thanks for the share 🙂

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