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The Ego – The Forgotten Child of Gaia

You all know I don’t normally post other people’s blog posts so understand that when I do it’s something I consider VERY important to share.  I actually had those “truth” chills through almost all of it.

Please read her post at the link and then come back to this comment.

I actually had those “truth” chills through almost all of it. So to add to this I’m feeling that this ego soul has a back seat driver position and can make suggestions but we higher level souls do the actual driving. Do you want to know what happens when the two finally begin to merge? You suddenly have odd food cravings and suddenly food tastes so much better for you. You want to DO more and EXPERIENCE everything! The reason is because this ego is finally getting to be part of the driving experience. Everything it felt previous to the merge was a numbed down version of the experience the higher soul was experiencing it’s whole current Earth life and all previous ones as well.

The Caretakers

turtle boxturtle

You are a Caretaker if the following is a familiar scenario for you.

In the past you’ve followed your guidance and went a path or place where you

normally wouldn’t go. When you go there you find you have something special to

perform. In this case you followed the urge to walk a different path. When you

followed this new path you found a turtle. It’s stuck in a fence and you’ve been

directed that way because you’re one of the caretakers and meant to help the turtle.

If you hadn’t been along this way it would surely have died. But it won’t because

you followed your guideance and helped it.

You are all here to serve this role.

You are the divine incarnated and here to assist all beings, animals and things when

you can.

(and maybe it only happened to give you the experience)

Experiences outside your normal awareness

Anything experienced outside of your normal awareness will take some time to be absorbed and understood in your waking consciousness.

Dreams are a good example of this. Let the experience sit with you and over time you will get a better understanding of their meanings. If you try to evaluate them on waking, your ego will be happy to assist. But if you wait and allow the experience to seep into you, your knowing will explain it when the time is right.

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