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Repost – People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

Season 2

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Your soul is very good about assisting you behind the scenes so you get optimal learning out of your lessons in life. Thankfully it knows when you need someone else in your life to assist you.

Then seemingly out of nowhere someone steps in and it is like a minor miracle because actually that’s exactly what has happened. Your soul wept and the universe answered. It cried out for help and help was sent. The other person has no clue initially why it was called, only that it was and it’s path is to serve.

This person could be there for friendship, love, nurturing, wisdom or as a wayshower. Since they are in touch with their soul they follow it’s little suggestions and give you exactly the help you need. In a world that seems so confused and dreadful, this part of it is perfection. Only those who ask for help are given it and your soul knows how to ask. Sometimes it’s only at that darkest hour that the cry goes out because that is the signal you’ve met the endpoint in which you can help yourself. Sometimes that point calls for another physical person or it could be a guide who helps you behind the scenes almost transparently with slight nudges that cause you to go this way or that. Sometimes your soul gives up and chooses a more permanent way to end your suffering. Always though the universe will keep trying to assist those who ask. Due to free will no help can be given unless it’s requested. Luckily that request can come from your soul as well as your physical form.

Cherish these people and listen well to their assistance. It could come from verbal direction or even the love they radiate. Be assured that you will succeed if you follow their lead because if not, more help will be sent.

Rest assured you are never alone and help is there waiting for you to ask for it. We are always most happy to assist you to help you continue on your path back to your connection to source that was lost so long ago.

The Lighthouses Are Being Lit

beacon 2 Cropped

Nothing like drinking a cup of coffee in a public place and hearing “The Lighthouses are being lit!”.  Quietly you look around for a second to see where that came from.  No one else seems to be reacting so it must be time for another post. 🙂

This video clip should give you a feeling of the excitement.

One by one they are being given their power. Let me explain this a bit. There are some that came as beacons. They knew that would be their task. (Even if you decided to be a lighthouse during this lifetime, source worked it’s magic and made it happen) Their skill sets were crafted to assist those lost in the storm of life, and more times than not, shake and awake many from their slumber. It was intended that they would anchor and shine the light, but they went overboard.  Generally they are overachievers at their core.  They developed their skills much quicker than expected, even for them.  These people are now being lit up and source changed how that is happening as a surprise for them.

It was planned that as the energies come from the Sun, these people would condition the energy in their special way and radiate it out from themselves over many miles.  But this is the part that was a gift from source.  Since this was such an important mission, and they have worked diligently, instead of just filtering and radiating the energies, they are actually now mini stars.  They are literally bursting with energy.  This energy is emanating from them now. They are the source of it. They walk as living stars on the earth. Darkness incinerates when near them.  No entities can tamper with them now.  This has never happened anywhere before.

Would you recognize them in public?  You may feel their presence, but generally they will have a look of amazing inner peace.

It’s not fully known what abilities will develop as a result of this but it sure is getting interesting.

This Is A Special Message To The Channels – Please assist in sharing this


You have all done a wonderful job and your success far exceeded expectations.

Your mission was to come here and channel messages from the higher dimensions.  Those messages were to explain and educate the people of this world about the truth of their being.  It was to show them that they are so much more than what they see in the mirror.  Their higherselves have been working along with you to bring this understanding to them.  This combination has provided many more then expected with the knowing to go to the next phase of this mission.

This next phase involves the integration of the higherself with the physical person.  That merging will provide the planet with walking Avatars (please refer to the previous post for more on that).  This is the way Christ consciousness is to be brought to the planet.  We also would like you, the channels to join the others.  But this choice will be yours.  We would suggest that you start working with your higherself to solidify and enhance that bond into your daily life.  Along with that there are many ways you can work towards assisting the others.  This list may give you some ideas:

  • Channel your higherself and give information about how others can work on integrating their higherself into their daily life.
  • Explain more of what the higherself is to some who are still unaware.
  • Use your normal channel source and discuss how people’s lives will change when they integrate their higherself.

There are many more ways but this should get you started.  I’d welcome people to add ways and discuss them openly with others on the path.  If I get many more ways added as comments I’ll make a separate post listing them.  The most important part is for all of you to begin this integration.  You already have a strong following so this is a wonderful way to continue on to the next phase.

Many people are having this connection come more fully online now.  I would ask them that as they realize this it would be very helpful if they would start writing about it also.  We can use all the help we can get.

One final note to our channels.  We are so very grateful for the work you have performed so far.  If you wish to continue as you are that’s fine and welcome.  This is completely your choice, you have done so much that we only wish you to be part of this next phase if that is your wish.

We could not have arrived at this next point without the amazing success of you all on this endeavor.  You have the unending gratitude of us all.

If this resonates with your knowing, please help spread this message.

Many ways are used numerically and visually to unlock inner knowing or encodings for our advancement

Patterns in Nature

There are a number of ways for those who assist us to get messages to us either numerically or visually to unlock inner knowing or encodings for our advancement.

This is a short list and there are others but this is just to get your awareness going.

Sacred Geometry

Crop Circles

Repeating Numbers and Patterns

Patterns in Nature


All that is needed is the awareness before the method proliferates in your reality.  Have fun with this and pay attention. 🙂

Energies changing…

(Channeled connection with God the creator of all)

Today’s message is:

“Energies changing, don’t be afraid.”

This whole session felt like no other previous to this.

The energy felt during it was amazing from the start.

When I asked how we would know what was meant by this, I had energy run through me like I never felt before.  It was so strong it literally left me trembling for many minutes after the session.  So yes, thank you God, example understood 🙂

This energy may quite obviously shake your physical self, but as above is stated, don’t be afraid.

Densities Changing

(Channeled connection with God the creator of all)

Today’s message is:

“Energies are now changing density of enlightened ones.”

My feelings on this is anyone who has awakened is an enlightened one.

There’s your fortune cookie channel for the day.


(Channeled connection with God the creator of all)

Today’s message is:

“Changes beginning, find peace”

Changes are beginning, you will find peace.

That’s the way this is coming through as I look for more clarification.

Fortune cookie message of the day is…

(Channeled from my higher self)

“New energies still are taking a real priority.  Don’t worry.”

I thought about not posting these short messages.

I decided however to continue in this manner so I could look back on them chronologically.

Another changes message

(Channeled from God)

The message today is another related to the changes.

“Changes are happening.  Didn’t change remove fear?”

This is certainly true for myself but I’d love to hear if you’ve noticed this recently in yourselves.

Yesterday had a strange new calm to it.  Maybe that was the feeling of less fear in the world.

Hmm, did the eclipse symbolically portray the removal of the mask of fear on our lives?

Energetic Purification

(Channeled connection with God)

“Prepare for energies changed from high power to really high.”

I’m laughing to myself wondering what’s next after that ludicrous speed like in the movie Spaceballs?

There seemed to be a lot of humor being pushed through in this connection today.

Just for fun I decided to ask when the shift would be and here is the response:

Before Summer.

There should be some more energetic fun shortly.

Hold on to your hat’s and connect your seat belts.

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