The reason you can remember less and less from your past.


The reason you can remember less and less from your past can be summed up as follows:

Think of it in terms of layers of opaque glass.  If you have a picture and lay a piece of opaque glass over it the picture is still there but fuzzy and diminished.  When you put another piece over top of that the image is more obscured.  Put another piece on top and you can barely see the image.  After a few more pieces the image is nearly or completely gone.

This is what is happening to you.  Since we are all at a point of inviting new layers of our higher self into our physical bodies we are also bringing in those other lifetimes and experiences.  It all begins to meld together for your greater good but some of the details of the past need to fade.

This is why more and more you are losing the details of old memories.  It is a good thing since you are bringing in more and more of your true self.  Rest assured that if you need those memories they will instantly be back, but for now they have faded to allow you to focus on integrating the new layers of yourself that are coming in.

Travel By Closing Your Eyes

Living in two worlds

You know how we were told we would live in two worlds?

Eventually all will be able to do this

If you close your eyes you will be in another place. At first you will just be able to view the happenings, eventually, interact and shape things there. Sometimes it is where you wished to go before you closed your eyes. Other times it is a location you’ve never seen before. Your “presence” there will become stronger over time.

Ever wondered where the idea came from for Virtual Reality? It’s a seed in people’s minds of a past ability that’s coming back to us. Experiment and EnJoy!

The Experience of Viewing the World Through the Eyes of an Angel

Angel Clouds

Today I had something magical happen as I walked in to work. For about 10 minutes I saw the world “through the eyes of an Angel”. I feel like it was one of the greatest gifts I was ever given. I had this happen once before but it only lasted about 30 seconds. After it I felt a sort of electricity emitting off all of my body. When I wondered what that feeling was I was told it was the feeling of “Freedom”.

One of the most obvious parts of it that made me aware was, EVERYONE was beautiful and happy. The colors stood out more. Everything else felt still and the only movement was done by the people. There was a sort of hyperfocus of my senses on the people.

I guess as it happens more and more to different people it may seep into the collective consciousness. I do “Feel” it’s important to discuss it when we experience these times. It will help to make it possible for others to experience. One other interesting thing about this time is when I started to think about making the feeling last I pushed it out of my thoughts. The process of trying to make something happen, prohibits it from continuing. So don’t try to do anything during these experiences just “LIVE” in those moments.

Your Knowing Has A Purpose

knowing ending

If you have found some big revelation, say it. Make a post. Create a blog.

That’s why people like us with these abilities to see through the veil are here. We came here, now to make a difference. We came here to show the way. Those who wish to follow will follow. Don’t look for followers, but clear a path so they can see there is another way. Knowing and not saying is just the same as not knowing. You came here to say what you know. Now is your time. The whole world is waiting for you.

Say what you know.  Use the Internet for what it was made for, to share Knowing.

Dreams Are Not Dreams…

Dreams are not dreams

Dreams are not dreams.

They are experiences you have in other timelines.

They can be experienced in your waking state, but most only experience them in their sleeping state.

The reason you forget them shortly after you awake is they are governed by the same laws of amnesia that you experience regarding previous lives.

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping At Night? One Possible Fix For You.

Ocean Breeze

Do you constantly have trouble acquiring a restful night’s sleep?

Is there a fan in your room?

If your answer is no, that could be your reason.

If you walk outside is there no wind?  No.

The wind is an integral part of your bodies symbiotic relationship to the Earth.  You need it to relax, your body is used to it being there.

It is unnatural for your body to not experience a breeze.  It helps us breathe better.

If this is your situation and you’ve tried everything else to get a wonderful night’s sleep, try adding a fan to your sleeping area.

This came to me the other day and I felt it was meant to be shared.  I hope it helps some of you.  Enjoy your holidays and be safe.

Would You Like To Compress Or Expand Time?

Time Warp

Would you like to compress or expand time?

First you need to disconnect from it. Due to safeguards, you have to remove yourself from time, otherwise you would notice it, like a glitch.  In order to disconnect yourself from time, do something that consumes your attention like reading a book or listening to music, or my favorite, daydreaming.  It takes your awareness and busys it.  From that point you are able to compress and expand time.  You do this unknowingly quite frequently.  When you are having fun it goes fast.  When you are unhappy or bored it drags on.  Experiment with it.  But be aware, the harder you try, the more difficult it will be.

So, You’re An Empath? We All Are.

empath sensitive

My goal for this next year is to normalize what we think of Empaths. From what I can see, 95% of the population is to varying degrees, an Empath. They have no choice, they are energy beings passing each other in energetic rendezvous throughout their day. Of course we are affected by the emotional state of others. But it is completely our choice how we let that affect us. You can be the powerful one that is never affected negatively by others, or the weak one who is affected by everyone. Your imagination is so so so much more powerful than anyone gives it credit. It is your choice, by what you imagine, how you will or will not be affected by others. This is how I feel about this. You are of course welcome to believe or feel about it as you wish, but I promise, life is so much more pleasant if you imagine and expect to be the more powerful energetic compassionate member of your environment.

Angelic Assistance is Quantum Superpositioning

Quantum Superpositioning

Angelic Assistance is ‘Spooky action’ or Quantum Superpositioning.  How do you like that match up 🙂

Everyone with “Common Sense” is connected with their Higher Self, most just don’t realize what that special extra voice in their head is.  With this connection you are able to “use” Angelic Assistance which I am also saying is really ‘spooky action’ Quantum Superpositioning.  You are truly welcome to just consider it Angelic Assistance if you wish, they both use the same powers of the infinite.

How does Quantum Superpositioning work with those of us who have a higher self connection?  Let me give you this example from my nearly getting hit by three cars today.  Am I a professional driver?  No, but today it appeared to be so.  I was going onto a highway.  As I was speeding up with the other cars I glanced in my side mirror to see where I could merge into the lane of traffic.  When I looked back in front of me the two cars in front of me had stopped.  At that moment I felt my arms making VERY specific movements, there were no abrupt actions taking place it was very smooth, slight course corrections and precise brake pedal tapping.  The first tap was to alarm the driver behind me and the other taps were the braking required to avoid all three cars from hitting me.  I was slightly turned to avoid the car in front of me.  The car behind me swerved to the right and the car in the fast lane on the highway just barely missed the front of my truck which was stopped part way into his lane.  All I could think of was THANK YOU Angelics!  And then I heard “and also Quantum Superpositioning”.  I believe that we (who have common sense, aka higher self connection) use Quantum Superpositioning in EVERY decision we make.  Every time we have to make any decision we instantly live out every possible choice of that decision and learn all the results in that split second.  We learn which one is perfect for us and we select that choice.  Ever wonder how some decisions you know in your heart to be right before you even made it?  This is how you do that.

Here are two John Garret videos that speak of Quantum Superpositioning.

I’m adding this other video of his just because of it’s Epicness.  This one may be just what your soul has been waiting for.

Are You Extremely Bored Lately?

bored cat

Are you seemingly doing the same things but now for some reason you seem terribly bored?


That means you have successfully begun to shut off the mindless chatter of worry and dread that carries on incessantly in your head.  So rejoice in your boredom and seek new outlets for your inner joy.

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