Dimensional Phasing Has Begun

fifth dimension

Are you surprising anyone as of late?  Do you seem to be sneaking up on people with the skills of a great ninja?  Do you walk among crowds and go unnoticed until you wish to be?

The separation has begun, and although you are in the world with others you are starting to be a mere shadow passing by.  The vibrational frequencies are becoming great enough to allow you to be unnoticed as you travel about.  Each person you pass will either see you or not, based on their level of personal vibration.

Those who are still weighed down by fear caused by tv programming will be the first to not notice you.  Among them will even be some that consider themselves lightworkers.  Lightworker label or not, the weight of constant fear is a great burden on people’s vibrational level.

Release your fears and fill in the holes with love for self.  It is only in this way that you will continue on your path up the vibrational spiral towards your new Earth reality.  You’re not leaving Earth but it will be “different”.

One last thing.  If this is true for you at this time, you should also expect to start seeing glimpses of orbs passing you going about their travels.  Say hello as they go by.

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  2. So wonderful and assuring to see same thoughts and feeling expressed by another … yet as I read the article, it made me think of how it’s said that we (of mainstream) are in this world but not of this world … and how a Utopia world is just a set degree away stabilized in a Higher quantum-velocity sustained in it’s Positive Light signature … but the articles also made me think on how there are other pockets of interdimensional realities which are also now going through the same process of fading into the Utopia reality … but that the people of those alternate realities along with mainstream … have to first fade into a specific lowering gravitational field and lower frequency, causing the appearance of land devastation and failing economy which will coincide with the solar magnetic flip .. and this being so … could explain why so many in the know are hording and turning to underground for safety …

    But I’m also reminded that we only have to endure to the end of this process without falling into ways supporting negative energy, like wars, conflicts, selfishness, prejudice, violence, victimizing, greed … and follow ways of Loving and caring for one another to at-last see the Utopia Land .. OR… possibly spend the next 1000 years transition in this failing reality …

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  4. I haven’t seen any circular orbs yet, but I’ve been seeing lots of glittery shimmers and starlike lights about the size of a fist showing up at random (usually yellow-gold in color) – is that the same thing?

    • silentwindofchange

      Yes, many variations can and will be seen. This is the time spoken of in many ancient texts. “The dead will rise again.” “Heaven will come down to Earth.” Nothing to be afraid of we are just starting to see the astral planes in our awareness. Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Really intriguing post. I consider myself an “awakened” person and not a sheep, per se. But can you clarify for me what you mean by people NOT being able to see you? Is this literal or figurative? Are you saying that those with higher vibrations might be invisible to those with lower ones? I would really appreciate a response to this. Thanks!

  6. The Celestine Prophesy has been my all time favorite movie since it came out many years ago. I would watch it over and over and over again for all these years and study every scene. This is sooooo much confirmation for me!! Thank you so much for posting this!! I am in awe of today 9.6.13. I feel and see the difference everywhere. I am so grateful and happy to be a part of this and being alive at this moment in time!! I am so excited to see what is yet to come.

    Namaste to All ~We are all one~

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