You, The Lightbearers Have Many Roles


The time has arrived when you are to use your light in many ways.  Today I will talk about how you will be used to influence a benevolent result to someone’s prayers.

As people call out to Source and the Angelics, you will be directed to assist.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t even involve breaking a sweat.  You are merely required to go where you are directed.  This direction will most times happen without you realizing what is going on.  You see, your light is so bright that your mere presence affects everything on your planet that you are near.

As an example I’ll present the following.  Someone prays that their car gets through inspection since they can’t afford expensive repairs during the holiday season, you will be directed there because your vehicle is due for inspection as well.  You will pull your car in after theirs.  Get out and chat with them while you wait.  Your energy will calm them about the situation.  Their car will pass which completely surprises them.  You wish them happy and safe holidays as they go off on their way.  Then your vehicle is finished but the person who works there has a puzzled smile on their face.  They say “I’m not sure why you are here.  Your inspection sticker should have said Nov 2015 instead of 2013.  So I put the correct one on for you.  Have a nice holiday.”  You say thank you and wish them a safe and happy holiday as well.  You just smile and shake your head knowing fully why this situation just happened.  In this case you are the Angels walking the Earth affecting for the better all things within your sphere of influence and that sphere is getting quite large.

So when you go about your day, have faith that your life and those around you are being divinely affected by your presence.

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  1. wow!! beautiful ! thanks

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    Yes! Our presence alone raises the vibrations enough for miracles to happen. Well said!

  4. Amazing! Just a few moments ago something similar happened to me. I wrote it on my blog:

    • silentwindofchange

      Hehe you and I seem to be crossing paths quite a bit 🙂

      I’m going to read it.

    • silentwindofchange

      I just read it. 🙂

      If you pay attention, the universe waits for you to think things like that and then very shortly afterward gives you a chance to try it out. The more you work on that thought then action the more it will be obvious to you and the more it will be presented to you. Be patient and I think you’ll see that it’s true 🙂

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! Bye bye coincidences! Let it be!

  6. What a wonderful feeling this would be! : )

    • silentwindofchange

      It was, all I can do is laugh and shake my head at it all 🙂

      • Can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer, if you are not comfortable. I was just wondering if you were given a message that this would occur? Or, is this something that you are figuring out along your path?

      • silentwindofchange

        Was I given a message about how what is stated in this post would occur? No it became apparent when the worker said they weren’t sure why I was there.

        Is that what you were asking?

  7. Yes, more or less. I read allot of information about what to expect to happen, etc. So, I was just wondering if this was mentioned or if you just knew when you encountered the situation. : ) Thanks for responding.

    • silentwindofchange

      Pretty much everything I write, about what will happen to others, I write about because it has already occurred for me. If I have already experienced it, I feel it’s a given that it will occur for others. 🙂

      I don’t have any “reservation” about answering your questions Pocahontas. 🙂

  8. Ohhh, thank you. I’m on overload and in more than one way. ; ) I think it would be great to feel that and then to have validation. Wheewwww. : )

  9. Is happening with me, yes is happening with us all, Thank you so much…

  10. This happens to me quite a bit. i end up in places where i seemingly have no actual need to be there for myself.

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