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Why We Meditate… That Feeling

Tears of joy in my eyes as I remember why I can’t motivate myself to get on the spin bike anymore.  I used to run at one time and never could push myself to continue.  Years later I started on the spin bike and found my home.  I enjoyed it so much I almost became an instructor.  The reason I enjoyed it so much is I finally found the tool to push myself beyond my natural endurance level.

What I found while spinning is called Runner’s High.  It’s a point where you push and push your body when you feel like you have nothing left in you to continue.  What happens then?  When you continue beyond that point your higherself lets out a laugh and realizes you are putting your all into this and it takes over.  Suddenly the pain is gone, the mind chatter is gone, the whining is gone, it feels euphoric.  Few people ever experience it because most people give up long before it kicks in.  (I’m feeling it now as I write this)

Meditation unlocks that feeling without punishing your body.  Eventually it can be willed to happen.  You become familiar with what thoughts and feelings will invoke it in your normal waking moments.

Wishing you all a very joyous, healthy and safe 2015!

Waves Of Love Are Arriving At Our Shores

Waves of love from source are washing up on our shores.  Dip your toes in them to accustom yourself to the feeling.  It’s not like anything we are used to in 3D.  It will take time to acclimate yourself to this new “feeling”.  As you are ready you will experience it more and more.  You won’t need to think about how to make it happen.

For those who are technically minded this is due to reconnection with your lightbodies.  They have always been there but previously you only connected in your sleep.  Your lightbodies will allow you to “feel” at a whole new level.


The main reason not to follow an outside guru is because the one thing they will teach you is how to build the ego. They will have things to teach you but filter it all through your own knowing. Move on when you have gained what they can share.

A Separation Is Occurring…

There is a separation occurring and gaining speed but you might be surprised to find it within the group we consider to be “spiritually advanced”.  Learn and advance or stagnate and linger behind.  I guess it just happens to always be apparent at this time of year.  Maybe the energies are just right to make it apparent at that time.  Last year I noticed the same.  The spiral is always there and ready for each as they choose where they are comfortable on it.  This doesn’t mean there are those who are better or worse.  There is no judgement.  This is only an observation.

Those waiting to be saved have made a comfortable place to camp on the spiral.  Those learning to go within and save themselves are leaving the breadcrumbs for when the others are ready.

Follow only your own inner guidance.  You are your guru, your heart will assist.

Your Higher Self

Higher Self Connection
It’s that quiet voice you only hear in the silence and when it is being listened for.  Mostly the ego talks so loud you can’t hear your Higher Self.  This is why moments of solitude are so valuable.  It will most likely just sound like your own voice, but it’s wisdom is a level higher than you are used to experiencing from you 3D self.  The voice of your Higher Self is ALWAYS supportive.

If you hear a voice that is negative, puts you down or crushes your dreams, that’s your ego.  ego attempts to keep you small.  It knows that if you follow the guidance of your Higher Self you will transcend the ego’s affects on you.  Don’t misunderstand, the ego is not your enemy and certainly don’t think you have to “kill it” as some “wisemen” say.  It was useful to keep you safe in a much harsher world.  It’s time of usefulness in it’s present form has past.  But understand that the ego can be retrained to support you fully.  It can be your greatest cheerleader.

Note: Depending on your beliefs the Higher Self could present itself to you in many forms and personas or no form at all.

The HigherSelf will not say it’s coming in a ship to save you.  It will assist you to save yourself.

Two Suns

Two Suns

I’m “feeling/knowing” that we have two Stars (Suns) in our solar system.  An elliptical orbit over a few hundred years brings it close and then out of our view.  I may or may not be able to develop a convincing presentation.  I can tell you that scientists “the experts” say that higher than 80% and maybe even higher than 90% of solar systems have more than one Star (Sun) in them.  Weather changing, here’s one of the reasons.  It and it’s planets are getting closer.  As it gets closer our Sun emits frequencies to modify us so we can withstand the effects of it closer to us.  Each time this happens we have an age of enlightenment.  This has been a persistent prodding in me for a few years.  The affects of it would certainly have an affect on our weather systems since they are affected by planetary magnetic changes.  You only have to look at the outer planets of our solar system to see their weather being greatly affected also.

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