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The Tears of Mother Earth And Your Tears Are Not Different

tears od Mother Earth

Your tears and Mother Earth’s tears are no different.

When the pressure builds up to a certain point the tears or rain fall.

It is very natural and the way built up pressure is relieved.

When the Earth holds back her tears the land and it’s inhabitants suffer.

When you hold back your tears you suffer.

As above so below, just one of the examples of the saying.

When you feel the need to cry, do so.  You will feel better.

Both kinds of tears wash away uncomfortable energy.

The Veil Is Breaking Down

Obscured Image 3

How would you react if when you closed your eyes you could see just as clearly as you can with your eyes open? Except it was showing you some other place. With my eyes closed recently, the blur of images are having various sections where the view is perfectly clear. The areas are changing places so the clear parts move around to different parts of the view. If we would consider “the veil” as something that obscures the other side of our current reality, this looks like sections of the matrix veil are burning out and allowing the perfectly clear view of what they have been hiding.

Some may have already passed this occurrence, others surely will experience it as well.

What One Thing Will Get Me Through The Narrow Gate?

Narrow Gate 2

If you said to me, “What ONE thing can I do to make the most progress on my path and begin experiencing profound spiritual experiences?”

I would say to you, “Learn to Meditate”. After some time of doing meditation you will learn to easily go into a meditative state without actually going through the typical process to meditate.

For me and for many others, I would say it is the narrow gate that only some pass through. The only thing stopping anyone from doing it is dedication to learn the process.

Nothing is just handed to you on this path.  This seems to be the test to see if you are serious.  After you do this, amazing things start to be experienced.

What some term walking meditation is not the same in my opinion based on hearing experiences of those who only do walking meditation.  Does it calm people down yes, but it doesn’t seem to “unlock the gate”.

A Burst of Love Energy – A New Experience to Share

Energy Human Star Bursts

At this time I am guided to explain to you another role you will be taking on if you consider yourself a lighthouse/beacon type in this shift.

I have explained many times before that we are sent energy from various places above, below and from within us to condition and shape in a form most beneficial to the area of society we inhabit.  Something new happened to me the other day and I’m told it will begin happening to others and may actually already be happening to others.

You are not just here to help the overall shift that is occurring.  Once your energy engines have been fired up there are many uses for them in this process.  I will explain the most recent one I experienced now.

I was in a group of about 30 people.  Previously I read how during bad situations it was possible the convert that negative energy onto benevolent energy and feel the benefits of the positive energy.  I was able to experience that two weeks ago and have been working of being mindful of that ability and using it at appropriate moments.

We were all being told of a horrible situation that had occurred.  You could feel the sadness in the group.  I had begun converting the negative to positive and as I was feeling the amazing power of the benevolent energy it felt like some type of internal blast of energy and it was radiated out into the group for their benefit as well as mine.  At the time I was thinking that I needed a way to push this energy out to the group and it happened at that moment like I just explained.

Be mindful of the situations you are in.  We no longer have to just feel the negative effects of this world.  You now have the ability to transmute them into positive energy and send it out to the groups you are in.  I do not think this is something new.  I feel this has always been available to us.  The difference now is that we don’t have to give up our normal life and go live in a cave on a mountain.  We all can do this and more.

You are all amazingly powerful, the only thing limiting you is yourself.


Note: I learned the process from a Ram Dass post and here is the link.

Speak With Your True Voice, Now Is It’s Time

You are all connected to your higherself.  It’s that voice you hold back.  Those thoughts you subdue.

Why do you do this to yourselves?

Society is the cause.

Fear that you will be shunned for being different.  Those who would shun you are just a lonely shell of who they really are.  Be brave and say what you think and feel.  It will give others the courage to be their true selves.  The more frequently you do this the more you will break out of the shell society has molded around you.  Soon the words you hear in your mind and from your mouth may not seem like your own.  But, OH that is the real you.  It’s been begging to be heard for many, many lifetimes.  Some of you were brave in past lives and you were silenced, your life cut short.  That is where your fear stems from in this lifetime.  Those times are past.  This is the time to speak from your true self.  You’ll be amazed how wise that quite voice is that you push to the back of your being.

NOW is the time to remove the chains from that part of you.  Follow that quiet still voice and be amazed at what your life will become.

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