The Journey To Home And Freedom


Will you arrive tired or well rested?

As always it’s only a choice. You and you alone have to make it.

Do you keep chasing the carrot. Following the rabbit?

Do you remember the movie “Contact”?

Wow what an amazing and beautiful journey.

Then, in an instant Jodi Foster’s character was back home. The great journey, the joy, happiness, love and adventure was never to be found “Out there” or on any planet you claim as your origin.

Your origin is source and for now your home is wherever your feet touch or your pillow rests.

Please do enjoy your journey and adventure, but when you are ready for home and freedom, just sit down and enjoy it. It is inside you now as it has been since your first moment of existence. It can never be taken away. Your consciousness will never cease.

You will always be home.

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